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Fertility law practice working with growing number of single dads

There is growing evidence that more men across Canada are choosing single fatherhood via surrogacy — as Toronto fertility lawyer Sara Cohen tells the Toronto Star, she has seen an increase in the number of single dads in her practice over the last few years.

As the article notes, the message boards of the various online surrogacy support groups also demonstrate mounting interest from this new group of intended parents.

The Star reports that over the last few years, surrogates, agency owners and fertility lawyers have noticed this change in demographics.

“I work with a number of single intended fathers each year. There is an increase in single dads in my practice,” says Cohen, founder of Fertility Law Canada at D2Law LLP.

“I think it is men who want to be dads who just haven’t found their life partner and aren’t willing to wait any longer to be a parent,” she adds.

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