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Rosen, Sunshine lead seminar for medical students on informed consent

On Jan. 19, Toronto health lawyers Lonny Rosen and Elyse Sunshine will facilitate a seminar on informed consent as part of the University of Toronto’s Undergraduate Medical Education program.

Rosen and Sunshine, partners with Rosen Sunshine LLP, have participated in the twice-yearly seminar for a number of years and will discuss case scenarios and the ethical and legal requirements for informed consent for treatment and for research issues, as well as the processes to assess patient capacity/competence as it applies to informed consent in the clinical setting.

The seminar will also outline the decision-making process and procedures when the patient is not able to consent, including the role of the substitute decision-maker, the exceptions to consent, the requirements designed to protect vulnerable individuals in the health-care system and the importance of relationships and trust in obtaining ongoing informed consent.

Following the lecture, students will break out into small groups led by a lawyer and a physician or bioethicist.

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