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Rosen and Sunshine to speak at health law course

Toronto health lawyers Lonny Rosen and Elyse Sunshine are speaking at an upcoming program offered through Osgoode Professional Development.

The Osgoode Certi?cate in Professional Regulation & Discipline in the Ontario Health Care Sector, held over five days from June 2 – 25, will review all aspects of professional regulation in the field.

Both Rosen and Sunshine, partners with Rosen Sunshine LPP, are featured during the module that deals with complaints and investigations, to be held June 4.

Elyse Sunshine“It’s a course that will interest anyone who practises in the area of professional regulation in the health-care sector, as it encompasses professional discipline proceedings,  investigations, complaints, registration, fitness to practise proceedings, reviews, appeals and judicial reviews,” says Rosen, co-director of the program.

The course will also go into the policy aspects of regulation, including the regulation of new professions, the ramifications of sexual abuse prohibitions and the registration of professionals trained or licenced in other jurisdictions, he says.

It’s billed as a unique certi?cate program designed for prosecutors, defence lawyers, regulators, adjudicators, complaint/discipline committee members, investigators and union representatives.

The one-of-a-kind program is designed keeping in mind that professional regulation and discipline of health-care professionals is a complex area that challenges its constituents to be fully informed of recent developments and current issues. It was created to provide those working in the ?eld with comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the key issues in professional regulation and discipline of health care professionals.

The intensive five-day certi?cate program is taught by a multi-disciplinary faculty, consisting of prosecutors, defence counsel, judges, regulators, college registrars and health-care professionals who will help bolster the appreciation and understanding of the core issues in this ?eld.

Sunshine will be speaking on two topics: New Colleges and the Road to Regulation in Module 1, and Drafting a Strong and Comprehensive Response to a Complaints Committee in Module 2 (co-presented with Rosen).




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