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Pros and cons of purchasing a new or resale condo

By Lisa Laredo . A recent Toronto Star article reports that more than 20,000 new condominium units were completed in Toronto in 2014, and that by the end of October, almost 19,000 new units were sold. Read more

Relief available for property owners with defective Kitec piping

There is some relief available for commercial, industrial and residential property owners who have recalled Kitec piping installed, writes Toronto condominium lawyer Deborah Howden in a recent issue of Lawyers Weekly . Read more

Condo owners should be aware of building rules and bylaws

By Lisa Laredo. Recently, a condominium owner in Edmonton ran into problems when his car was towed by his condominium corporation after he allowed the tags to expire on his undriven car, violating the condominium bylaw, reports the CBC. Read more

Howden to speak at Condominium Conference

Toronto human rights and condominium lawyer Read more

Toronto establishes a local appeal body

The City of Toronto has created a local appeal body (LAB), which will hear appeals from the Committee of Adjustments on... Read more

Struggling CBC could reduce real estate footprint

News that the Canadian Broadcast Corporation has to cut... Read more

Repairs, maintenance main issues in current condo law

The murkiness around maintenance and repairs is one of the most serious defects in the current Condominium Act, Toronto... Read more

Stakeholder consultation key to better condo legislation

The Ontario government’s move to consult the public and stakeholders on the problems and potential solutions facing the condominium industry will hopefully result in better legislation that will stand the test of time, Toronto condominium lawyer Armand Conant writes in Lawyers Weekly . Read more

The stigma of buying a former grow-op may linger

While “deleted instruments” should no longer legally affect the title to a property, the information – which may be unfa... Read more

Less is best when it comes to law-firm gift-giving

The key to picking the right swag for a law firm is knowing what the client wants, ensuring the gift is pr... Read more