Real Estate

Ruling on diner’s lease provides food for thought

An Ontario Superior Court of Justice injunction issued on behalf of a family restaurant to block multi-million dollar renovations at Toronto’s Manulife Centre has given landlords, tenants and their legal counsel something to chew over, says Toronto real estate lawyer Peter Neilson . Read more

Urbancorp restructuring shakes up Toronto condo market

The restructuring announcement by a major Toronto townhouse and condominium developer sent shock waves through the industry – but there’s no need for owners of existing projects to be overly concerned, says Toronto condo lawyer John De Vellis. Read more

The need for standardization, regulation of home inspectors

By Lisa Laredo . A person who purchases a used home in Ontario accepts it as is without any warranty as to its condition or fitness as a home. Read more

Home inspector regulation long overdue

Toronto real estate lawyer Daniel Bernstein welcomes the provincial government’s announcement that it plans to regulate home inspectors later this year. Read more

Legal for contractor to file lien for non-payment

A subcontractor’s move to file a lien on a construction site following a dispute over payment is a legal option in this type of situation, Toronto real estate lawyer Lisa Laredo tells City News. Read more

Title to land – an expanding concept

By Lisa Laredo . Generally speaking, the role of a solicitor retained by a purchaser of a residential home is to ensure that the client receives a good and marketable title to the real estate in fee simple. Read more

Take 'forensic approach' to condo purchase documents

Condo buyers need to study their purchase agreements in depth or risk getting bitten by the hidden costs of purchasing a unit, Toronto condominium lawyer John De Vellis tells . Read more

Executors: Prepare for CRA’s due diligence on deceased’s real estate

By Avi Dahary . Occasionally, an estate executor may be in a situation where a deceased’s estate includes a real estate property that consists of attached principal residence and commercial space, which sparks a number of tax-related issues. Read more

Buyer beware when purchasing pre-construction condo

News that a Toronto condo developer is defending its decision not to use a prominent interior designer that it promoted in its sales materials is not surprising, Toronto real estate lawyer Peter Neilson tells Read more

New mortgage rule will have implications for Toronto consumers

A new mortgage rule around down payments, which went into effect Feb. 11, 2016, will have some implications for potential home buyers, Toronto real estate lawyer Anar Dewshi tells Read more

New mortgage rule may cause buyers to recalculate

The new requirement to qualify for mortgage-loan insurance won’t have much of an impact on buyers, Toronto real estate lawyer Patrick J. Aulis tells . Read more

Another reason for title insurance

By Daniel Bernstein . A recent case from the Ontario Court of Appeal should make all real estate lawyers and their clients think twice about not getting title insurance on home purchases. In 2006, Paul and Stephanie MacDonald purchased a house in Toronto and, with the assistance of their lawyer, purchased a title insurance policy from Chicago Title Insurance Company. Read more

Administrative authorities signal new reality for condo sector

Given the rapid change in Ontario's condominium industry over the past two decades, the recent creation of two new separate administrative authorities (AAs) to oversee the sector is a welcome development, Toronto lawyers Armand Conant and Joel Berkovitz write in Lawyers Weekly . Read more

Condo corps may call ‘special assessment’ to generate cash flow

Condominium corporations are often viewed skeptically by lenders when they seek to borrow money, but there’s a way to secure a loan to satisfy them, says Toronto condominium and business lawyer Joel Berkovitz. Read more

Mortgage lender research key to fraud prevention

When it comes to avoiding real estate fraud, it is important for third-party lenders to make the necessary inquiries to determine that there are no prior undisclosed mortgages, Toronto real estate lawyer Lisa Laredo tells Law Times . Read more