Real Estate

Clearly defined standards needed for home inspectors

Toronto real estate lawyer Anar Dewshi says the provincial government’s plan to introduce regulations for home inspections is much needed as there are currently no clearly defined standards. Read more

Court pits two consumer protection features against each other

Although several features of the Condominium Act, 1998 are designed specifically to protect consumers, a recent ruling that considered the interplay of two of these sections may have applied them in a way that produced a negative result for condo owners, Toronto condominium lawyer John De Vellis writes in Lawyers Weekly . Read more

Ruling highlights CRTC powers to reach deal

While the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) did use an "interesting" method to pressure a condo corporation into allowing another telecom provider access to its buildings, the case does illustrate the powers available to the regulator when parties have failed to resolve their dispute, Toronto condominium lawyer Armand Conant tells the Financial Post . Read more

Once a seller completes an SPIS, a buyer can rely on it

Toronto real estate lawyer Daniel Bernstein says there is no legal requirement for a homeowner to complete a Seller Property Information Statement (SPIS) in Ontario — and he would strongly advise vendors not to sign one. Read more

Clients to benefit most from improved online title searches

Although one might assume that a title search process would be easy for a solicitor in today’s day and age, many Ontario municipalities are far behind when it comes to availability of information online, Toronto real estate lawyer Lisa Laredo writes in Lawyers Weekly . Read more

When seeking will instructions, get full picture of client's circumstances

Toronto real estate lawyer Lisa Laredo says there are several subjects that may not receive sufficient attention from a client or solicitor when preparing a will because they deal with matters beyond a simple distribution of assets. Read more

Six steps to avoid common first-time homebuyer pitfalls

Such flat fees don’t work because there are too many variables in real estate deals — including last-minute hitches — that can increase the work a lawyer must do, she says. Read more

Case confirms court unlikely to extend statutory lien rights

While statutory lien rights usually give a holder extraordinary power over other creditors, they are subject to specific timelines — and as one recent decision shows, when timelines are exceeded, courts are often reluctant to revive those rights, Toronto condo lawyer John De Vellis writes in Lawyers Weekly . Read more

Tax on foreigners buying homes could heat up market: Drummie

Toronto real estate lawyer Blair Drummie says the B.C. government's new 15 per cent tax on foreigners buying homes in a red-hot housing market may not cool it off as it intends. Read more

TREB, Competition Tribunal dispute 'complicated'

Toronto real estate lawyer Patrick Aulis says the ongoing battle between the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) and the Competition Tribunal is “complicated” and involves balancing homebuyers and sellers' privacy with economic freedom. Read more

Province eyes new protections for landlords, tenants

Toronto real estate lawyer Lisa Laredo welcomes the provincial government's proposal to give no-smoking clauses in rental agreements some teeth. Read more

OCA: lower court erred in finding woman had no money of her own

Toronto wills and estates lawyer Daniel Bernstein says a recent decision by the Court of Appeal is “insightful” in its take on beneficial ownership of a house through a resulting trust – but he stresses the importance of documenting similar intentions. Read more

Smoke-free apartment buildings, condos rare in Ontario

Toronto's first non-smoking apartment building could find itself exposed to human rights complaints, says Toronto condominium lawyer Deborah Howden . Read more

Stay organized, network when starting law firm

The learning curve can be steep for lawyers going out on their own — making resiliency, flexibility and organization essential steps to success, Toronto real estate and wills and estates lawyer Lisa Laredo tells Lawyers Weekly . Read more