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Buying a cottage comes with a unique set of issues

With summer now in full swing, some may be tempted to join the happy hordes heading to cottage country, says Toronto real estate lawyer Sarita Samaroo-Tsaktsiris. Read more

Shibley Righton LLP creates 'powerhouse' condo law group

With the addition of the new members, Shibley Righton’s team will double in size, becoming the largest condo law group with full-service backing in Toronto, says Conant. Read more

Should condo board candidates be owners?

A debate has broken out over whether condominium directorships should be restricted to unit owners following allegations that several condo boards in the Greater Toronto Area have been taken over by outsiders, says Toronto condominium lawyer Armand Conant. Read more

Legal agreements are a must in shared home ownership arrangements

By Lisa Laredo . Earlier this month, about two dozen Torontonians came together in a speed-dating type of event in search of a home ownership partner. These are people who may have sizeable down payments but, in today’s hot Toronto housing market, can’t make a go of it alone. What they each need is someone willing to share a roof with them without necessarily sharing a life. Read more

The pros and cons of charging stations in condos

With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, condominium corporations need to be prepared for more charging station requests, says Toronto condominium lawyer Joel Berkovitz. Read more

Foreign buyers' tax increases lawyer workloads

Members of the bar have seen their workload boosted by the province’s foreign buyers’ tax, says Toronto real estate lawyer Daniel Bernstein. Read more

Condos grapple with accessibility accommodation

Accessibility is the wave of the future, and condo corporations need good policies to deal with a growing number of requests for accommodation due to disability, says Toronto condominium lawyer Deborah Howden. Read more

FOLA calls for changes around all-inclusive real estate quotes

The Federation of Ontario Law Associations (FOLA) is calling for changes around "all-inclusive" fee quotes in real estate transactions and how they are advertised. Read more

First phase of reforms set to affect condo directors, owners

Recent changes to condominium legislation represent a “brave new world” for the industry, with stakeholders hoping that new rules will significantly improve the community, enhance consumer protection and not stifle development, Toronto condominium lawyer Armand Conant writes in the spring issue of Condo Confidential . Read more

Conant to discuss new condo legislation at CCI’s annual conference

Toronto condominium lawyer Armand Conant will discuss Bill 106, Protecting Condominium Owners Act , at the 2017 Condominium Conference & Trade Show in Hamilton this weekend. Read more

Rent control could stifle market supply

Rent control measures could stifle market supply if the past is any guide, says Toronto real estate lawyer Peter Neilson. Read more

Title insurance: a primer for homeowners

Title insurance beats out solicitors' opinions for budget-conscious home buyers, Toronto real estate lawyer Lisa Laredo tells Read more

Lawyers need clarity on tax changes affecting real estate transactions

A package of provincial policy measures designed to cool the Greater Golden Horseshoe housing market raises serious issues for real estate lawyers and must be clarified immediately “to avoid chaos and unintended consequences,” says Eldon Horner, past-chairman of the Federation of Ontario Law Associations (FOLA). Read more

Joint tenancy: condo boards and Bill C-45

With recreational marijuana slated to become legal next spring, condominium corporations should start thinking about what steps they’ll need to take to ensure harmony among residents with diverging viewpoints, Toronto real estate lawyer Anar Dewshi tells Read more

Title searches critical in real estate deals

Title searches are an essential part of purchasing a property, Toronto real estate lawyer Daniel Bernstein tells Read more