Personal Injury

OCA explores intersection of tort damages and accident benefits

A recent Ontario Court of Appeal (OCA) decision involving two cases examines the issue of double recovery and how to avoid it in the calculation of tort damage awards and statutory accident benefits (SABs), says Toronto personal injury and insurance lawyer Rohan Haté. Read more

Cyberbullying ‘Momo Challenge’ a threat to parents — hoax or not

By Jasmine Daya . Spreading disinformation, hoaxes, and flat-out lies has proven to be the Achilles’ heel of the internet. It seems anyone can post anything to the internet. It’s “catch me if you can.” Once “out there” and “gone viral,” it cannot be time-stamped, recalled, or labelled for what it really is—a cyberbullying hoax. Read more

Jury consultants provide valuable insights in civil matters

Large law firms sometimes use jury consultants for criminal trials, but these specialists can also benefit plaintiffs in civil actions, Oakville personal injury lawyer Jill Edwards tells . Read more

Hoffman launches practice with a personal touch

Toronto personal injury lawyer Jennifer Hoffman tells that the connection she has with each of her clients sets her firm apart. Read more

Leaving keys around isn’t implied consent: decision

Leaving vehicle keys in a visible spot in a home does not imply that all family members have permission to drive that automobile, Toronto personal injury lawyer David Derfel tells Read more

Inaction could cost school boards in bullying cases

School boards that fail to act on warning signs could find themselves liable for bullying and hazing incidents on site, Toronto civil and commercial litigator Darryl Singer tells Read more

Take action to protect yourself after an accident: Ford

The simple act of taking photos after a car accident can help avoid insurance squabbles down the road, Kamloops personal injury lawyer Matthew Ford tells Read more

Parallel criminal cases add complexity to civil lawsuits

The existence of a criminal investigation should not stop injury victims from filing civil claims arising out of the same incidents, Toronto personal injury lawyer Jasmine Daya tells Read more

Know your rights in an airline accident: Lee

Depending on where you travel, it can be complicated to seek a remedy through the courts for an airline injury, Toronto personal injury lawyer Andrew M. Lee tells AdvocateDaily . com . Read more

Invisible injuries and LTD claims part 1

In the first installment of a two-part series, Ottawa personal injury lawyer Najma Rashid discusses how those with ailments that can't be seen on medical imaging have difficulties with their long-term disability claims. Read more

How lawyers can effect change in troubled nursing homes

Families paying out of pocket to protect their loved ones in understaffed long-term care facilities are turning to litigation to recoup those costs if their relatives suffer falls or acts of violence, says Oakville personal injury lawyer Meghan Walker. Read more

Car accident injury lawsuit, disability claim dispute tried together

By Nainesh Kotak . It’s not uncommon for persons injured in a car accident to file multiple claims for compensation, depending on the circumstances of the accident and their injuries. Read more

Claims involving minors

By Jasmine Daya . One of the most difficult areas within personal injury involves claims involving minors. Injuries arising from daycare or school negligence, playground incidents due to faulty equipment or lack of supervision or any other injuries sustained by children due to the negligence of others are all cases that I want to handle most. It’s not that I have a desire to take on the most challenging cases but these are the cases that make me feel amazing about what I do. I want to advocate for young children and help make their voice heard. Read more

Clients are Doris's top priority

Client service is the number one priority for Ottawa personal injury lawyer Joseph Doris. Read more