Personal Injury

Court clarifies motor vehicle accident mediation rules

A court ruling which clarifies who pays for mediation in motor vehicle accident claims is a “small victory” for plaintiffs, Ottawa personal injury lawyer Joseph Doris tells Read more

LTD clients often need employment law advice

Long-term disability (LTD) lawyers need to boost their employment law knowledge to make sure their clients are protected, Oakville personal injury lawyer Jill Edwards tells Read more

Family members awarded substantial damages in car accident lawsuit

By Nainesh Kotak . A mother was driving her car through an intersection when another driver entered against the red light and violently crashed into the family vehicle. The car accident resulted in serious injuries to the mother and minor physical injuries to two of her sons and tragically, her third and youngest child sustained a fatal brain injury. He was only five months old when he died. Read more

When families, doctors disagree on end-of-life care

Oakville personal injury lawyer Meghan Walker and other lawyers are glued to a civil case underway in Ontario that they hope will clarify whether doctors can override the objections of family members and withhold medical treatment that they believe will be harmful or pointless. Read more

Invisible injuries and LTD claims part 2

I n the final instalment of this mini-series, Ottawa personal injury lawyer Najma Rashid discusses what people with invisible injuries can do to strengthen their LTD claims. Read more

Ontario’s 2019 auto insurance reform — a step in the right direction

By John McLeish and Lindsay Charles . The Ontario budget released on Thursday, April 11, 2019, addressed numerous contentious issues in the auto insurance sector. The Ontario government proposed many reforms that grew out of, in part, some eye-opening responses from a survey commissioned by the Ministry of Finance. Read more

Traffic accident a case of the 'unusual and usual:' Paciocco

A “rare” case where a passenger suddenly grabbed the steering wheel of a car causing an accident presents different problems and challenges, Windsor personal injury lawyer Gino Paciocco tells Read more

Students should study up on rules concerning cannabis use: Daya

Cannabis use on campus is a tricky issue for college and university students to navigate, Toronto personal injury lawyer Jasmine Daya tells Read more

Karmic duty drives Kotak to give back to his community

Every year, Toronto personal injury and disability lawyer Nainesh Kotak hosts the Kotak Law Annual Appreciation Gala to show his appreciation to those around him and the wider community. Read more

What the heck is a bencher?

By Jasmine Daya . During my first few years practicing law, I heard about “benchers” and had no idea who they were. I learned a little by the ads in the OR’s (social media didn’t exist back then, yes, I know, shocker!) and figured that they were individuals who had something to do with the Law Society of Upper Canada, now known as the Law Society of Ontario. Read more

Bad optics for police, TTC to investigate crashes in tandem

It’s not appropriate for police to work in concert with transit authorities when investigating injuries or fatalities involving public transit vehicles, especially when the driver may be subject criminal or Highway Traffic Act charges, Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown tells Read more

Baseline testing important part of concussion protocol

Baseline testing is effective because it provides third-party independent insight as to whether an athlete is able to return to a sport following a suspected concussion, Toronto personal injury lawyer Alison Burrison tells Read more

Implied or explicit consent needed for vicarious liability

Car owners must have given consent to another driver’s use of the vehicle before they can be held liable for that person’s negligence, Toronto personal injury lawyer Gary Will tells Read more

Bent to provide commentary at OBA 'Anatomy of a Trial' event

London personal injury lawyer Maia Bent will share her insights on examining and cross-examining a plaintiff during the ‘Anatomy of a Trial: A Deeper Dive Into Jury Trials’ event later this month, presented by the Ontario Bar Association Insurance Law section. Read more

Insurance defence lawyers struggling to keep costs down: Vaughan

Despite the lack of headline-grabbing landmark decisions in the last year, these are lively times for lawyers who practise insurance defence in personal injury cases, Toronto insurance defence lawyer Heather Vaughan tells Canadian Lawyer . Read more