Personal Injury

Shatz understands both sides of personal injury claims

Toronto personal injury lawyer Samantha Shatz exhibits the kind of serenity in front of a judge and jury that’s likely to unsettle her opponents. Read more

Boating accident serves as a reminder

By Jasmine Daya Canada has more lakes than any other country in the world and more than the rest of the world combined. As Canadians, we enjoy participating in various water sports and boating activities especially during the summer months that always seem to breeze by far too fast. Read more

Guide to out-of-province auto insurance coverage

An Ontario motorist injured in a collision outside of the province can sue for damages, says Ottawa personal injury lawyer David Hollingsworth. Read more

Companies can be held liable for injuries caused by product

Customers injured by faulty products could have a claim against the manufacturer, says Toronto personal injury lawyer Jasmine Daya, who helps plaintiffs seek recourse for injuries sustained as a result of defective items. Read more

Pedestrian deaths a public health issue ‘of crisis proportion’

The increasing number of injuries and fatalities to vulnerable road users has reached crisis proportions and requires a shift away from “car culture,” Ontario personal injury lawyer Patrick Brown tells the CBC. Read more

Be proactive when it comes to home insurance: Haté

Failing to properly insure your home, or not knowing what’s covered when making a claim, can be costly mistakes, says Toronto personal injury lawyer Rohan Haté. Read more

Vital to seek medical help, legal advice after head trauma

Anyone who suffers a head injury should seek medical help as soon as possible, and call a lawyer if symptoms persist, says Brampton personal injury lawyer Nital Gosai. Read more

Multiple sclerosis causes disability for many Canadians

By Nainesh Kotak Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic neurological disease affecting the central nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord. Read more

More than new curriculum needed to combat cyberbullying

A new health and physical education curriculum for elementary students is not enough on its own to combat the problem of cyberbullying in schools, says Toronto personal injury lawyer Jasmine Daya. Read more

Time for Licence Appeal Tribunal 'rewrite:' Rastin

Concerns expressed in 2015 about the Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT) assuming responsibility for accident benefits disputes have been validated, says Barrie-area personal injury lawyer Steve Rastin. Read more

Cancer treatment error not necessarily a slam-dunk lawsuit

Errors can occur with surprising frequency when someone is being treated for cancer, says Oakville personal injury lawyer Meghan Walker. Read more

Careless internet posts can be costly: Will

What you post online has the potential to live on in cyberspace and can have serious legal ramifications, says Toronto personal injury lawyer Gary Will. Read more

The admissibility of surveillance at trial

By Patrick Brown and Brock Turville In personal injury trials, defence counsel commonly uses video surveillance to bring the severity or existence of the plaintiff’s injuries into question. Read more

Honesty is the best policy when applying for life insurance

Knowing your medical history and being truthful can go a long way in avoiding a life insurance policy denial, says Oakville personal injury lawyer Jill Edwards. Read more

Tips on appealing disability claim denial

By Nainesh Kotak You cannot work due to injury or illness. You let your employer know and then complete an application and submit it to your disability insurance company. Read more