Personal Injury

Juror challenges could make fair civil jury system

Allowing lawyers to challenge jurors for bias could help preserve the civil jury system in the long run, says Ottawa personal injury lawyer Najma Rashid. Read more

Who’s liable in the Las Vegas shooting?

While lawsuits examine the liability of a hotel and concert organizer in the wake of the deadly Las Vegas shooting, Toronto personal injury lawyer David Derfel says what needs to be considered is how prepared both were for an emergency. Read more

Mixed news for plaintiffs following coffee spill victory

A woman’s success in proving her entitlement to accident benefits following a coffee spill brings good and bad news for plaintiffs, Windsor personal injury lawyer Gino Paciocco tells . Read more

Delay risks bringing civil justice system into disrepute

Public confidence in the civil justice system is being put at risk by the reaction to a landmark Supreme Court decision on criminal trial delays, says Barrie-area personal injury lawyer Steve Rastin . Read more

Grace to speak at #AfterMeToo symposium on entertainment biz post-Weinstein

Toronto civil sexual abuse lawyer Elizabeth Grace will take part in a roundtable discussion at the #AfterMeToo event hosted by the Globe and Mail . Read more

No time limit to pursue sex assault allegations: Grace

Although a former Manitoba priest claims a woman waited too long to file a lawsuit that alleges sexual misconduct that began more than 15 years ago, Toronto civil sexual abuse lawyer Elizabeth Grace says there is no time limit to pursue these allegations, CBC News reports. Read more

Adequate supervision a must when watching others’ children

In a world full of backyard pools, play structures and trampolines, parents need to be more careful than ever to protect themselves against lawsuits due to other people’s children injuring themselves during a play date, says Toronto personal injury lawyer Jasmine Daya. Read more

Proposed distracted walking fines tough to police

Fines for distracted walking could improve road safety if properly policed, Windsor personal injury lawyer Gino Paciocco tells . Read more

Inattention and distracted driving should not be a valid defence for drivers who kill

Drivers who kill or injure pedestrians should not be able to rely on their own inattentiveness and distracted driving as a defence to criminal and provincial offences, Toronto critical injury lawyer and safety advocate Patrick Brown tells the Toronto Star . Read more

Expanded ABS still bad for consumers: McLeish

Opening up law firm ownership to non-lawyers would still be bad news for personal injury victims, says Toronto critical injury lawyer John McLeish after the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) reopened the debate on Alternative Business Structures (ABS). Read more

Justice system delays compound crash victims' suffering

Delays in the justice system are compounding the suffering of road crash victims, Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown writes in The Lawyers Daily. Read more

Private member's bill raises concerns about pedestrian liability

Toronto personal injury lawyer Paul Cahill tells The Lawyer’s Daily that a proposed private member’s bill designed to boost awareness about distracted walking raises some concerns. Read more

Public employers should avoid gag orders

Public employers should steer clear of “gag orders”, Toronto personal injury lawyer Elizabeth Grace tells the CBC's Go Public after a B.C. woman accused Correctional Service Canada (CSC) of trying to buy her silence. Read more

FSCO ruling more ‘sizzle’ than substance: Derfel

A recent Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) ruling found elements of the Minor Injury Guide (MIG) in the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule unconstitutional, but it won't stop it from being applied in chronic pain cases, says Toronto personal injury lawyer David Derfel. Read more

Documentation vital following an accident

Anyone involved in an accident needs to collect as much information as they can before going to a lawyer, Toronto personal injury and employment lawyer Kevin Marshall tells Read more