Personal Injury

Key questions to ask before retaining a PI lawyer

Accident victims shouldn’t be afraid to question prospective lawyers before choosing which counsel to retain, Barrie-area personal injury lawyer Steve Rastin tells Read more

Taking a hard line on settlement backfires for insurer

TORONTO — An insurance company that played litigation hardball with an elderly car-accident victim has been ordered to pay $237,000 to cover the legal costs she incurred in winning a $20,000 settlement. Read more

Hoffman’s practice rooted in passion for helping clients

It was an undergrad law class that sent Toronto personal injury lawyer Jennifer Hoffman down her chosen branch of the classic fork-in-the-road of ambitious students: medicine or law. Read more

Distracted walking law impractical: Hollingsworth

Fines for distracted walking are unworkable in practice, Ottawa personal injury lawyer David Hollingsworth tells Read more

The problem with civil juries in a high-tech world

One of the difficulties with civil trial juries is that it is too costly to ensure jurors are impartial and not accessing information via the internet outside the courtroom, Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown writes in The Lawyer’s Daily . Read more

Bent to discuss social media evidence in civil litigation at OBA Institute

London personal injury lawyer Maia Bent will share her thoughts on evidence obtained on social media as part of a program on digital litigation at the upcoming Ontario Bar Association Institute in Toronto. Read more

OCA affirms deference given to jury verdicts, awards

A recent Court of Appeal decision re-emphasizes the high degree of deference given to jury verdicts, and when an award is granted — even an unusual one — it shouldn’t be overturned lightly, Windsor personal injury lawyer Gino Paciocco tells . Read more

Daya to present on civil liability at OTLA webinar

Toronto personal injury lawyer Jasmine Daya will co-present at an Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA) webinar on developing areas of civil litigation. Read more

Time to eliminate civil jury trials

The time has come to scrap jury trials in civil matters, says Toronto critical injury lawyer John McLeish . Read more

Road safety campaign misses mark, blames victims

A new Toronto police campaign aimed at increasing road safety is “disproportionate, and can only be seen as victim-blaming," Toronto critical injury lawyer and road safety activist Patrick Brown tells the Toronto Star . Read more

Decision erodes access to attendant care benefits

A recent arbitration decision could effectively deny accident victims access to attendant care, Ottawa personal injury lawyer Najma Rashid tells Read more

Civil suit gives sexual abuse victims more control

Civil lawsuits give sexual abuse survivors a degree of control and accountability that they cannot achieve in criminal cases, Toronto civil sexual abuse lawyer Elizabeth Grace tells . Read more

Exploring cyberbullying through a legal lens

Cyberbullying has become increasingly prevalent in Canada in recent years, but for lawyers looking for guidance, case law is hard to come by, says Toronto personal injury lawyer Jasmine Daya. Read more

New regulations in response to large number of truck collisions

By John McLeish and William Harding. The federal government is implementing new safety regulations in an effort to address the high number of collisions involving commercial trucks. These new regulations come as a response to numerous studies that show trucks to be involved in a high number of motor vehicle collisions, many of which result in serious injuries and death. Some reports indicate that one in every five fatal collisions involves a transport truck. Read more

Removing cycle lanes no solution to bike safety issues: Brown

City planners should respond to unsafe cycle lanes by improving, not removing them, Toronto critical injury lawyer and road safety activist Patrick Brown tells . Read more