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Invisibility of concussion hampers injury victims

The invisibility of concussion injuries can cause problems for accident victims, Ottawa personal injury lawyer David Hollingsworth tells Read more

Bouncer assault: Daya

By Jasmine Daya . I love this city! Toronto is the epitome of a vibrant and diverse society that I am so proud to be a part of. Our city has a nightlife that will ensure enjoyment but unfortunately, some of our restaurants, bars, lounges and clubs experience issues from time to time due to the venues security or “bouncers” acting in a manner that is inappropriate and even illegal. It’s those types of individuals that are ruining our city’s scene and they need to be held accountable. Read more

Concussions and the legal process: a primer

Those suffering from a concussion as the result of an accident should consult with a lawyer who understands the challenges and can appropriately defend their rights, writes Ottawa personal injury lawyer David Hollingsworth writes in Concussion Canada . Read more

Brown recognized for advocacy aimed at pedestrian, cyclist safety

The Ontario Brain Injury Association (OBIA) recently recognized Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown for his tireless work and advocacy around the Protecting Vulnerable Road Users Act . Read more

Production of plaintiffs' private posts a growing trend

A recent Ontario Superior Court ruling is just the latest matter in which an injured plaintiff has been required to turn over material posted to a private social media account, and as London personal injury lawyer Maia Bent tells Law Times , the “zone of privacy” is getting smaller. Read more

Growing relationship between employment, LTD law

Recent case law around long-term disability (LTD) insurance highlights the growing intersection between employment and disability law principles, Barrie-area personal injury and employment lawyer Steve Rastin tells . Read more

Steps for boosting chances of successful PI claim

In the first instalment of a two-part series, Toronto personal injury lawyer Andrew M. Lee discusses actions that personal injury claimants can take to boost their chance of a successful outcome. Read more

Provincial police lay nearly 700 charges against truckers during 24-hour blitz

ORILLIA, Ont. — Provincial police say they laid nearly 700 charges against transport truck drivers during a day-long blitz on Ontario's roads last week. Read more

Threat of lawsuits helps keep trampoline parks safe

More regulation is unnecessary despite a string of serious and fatal accidents at trampoline parks, Toronto critical injury lawyer Rikin Morzaria tells Read more

Jurors' internet research disruptive to entire process: Orlando

It is unrealistic in this day and age to think that jurors won’t conduct their own internet research during a trial, Toronto critical injury lawyer Dale Orlando tells . Read more

Court decision on waivers bad news for public safety

An Ontario Court of Appeal decision upholding a pair of ski resort waivers is a boon for insurers and a bust for public safety, Toronto critical injury lawyer John McLeish tells Read more

Analyzing school bus safety in wake of Broncos crash

The deadly crash in April involving a semi-trailer and a coach bus carrying the Humboldt Broncos hockey team raises questions about bus safety, but it may be unlikely that any measures could have prevented the tragedy from unfolding the way it did, says Toronto personal injury lawyer Jasmine Daya. Read more

Bent to share strategies for conducting effective examinations

On June 14, London personal injury lawyer Maia Bent will share her insights on how to structure and execute effective examinations, via a live webinar presented by the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA). Read more

'Doctrine of emergency' often fails to be full defence

While a defendant may claim an emergency situation required an immediate response, there is a significant burden of proof to show they met the lower standard of care and the argument often fails to be a full defence, Windsor personal injury lawyer Gino Paciocco tells . Read more

How-to guide for injury victims seeking legal remedies

Injured people considering legal action should carefully document the details of the incident and see a lawyer at their earliest opportunity, Ottawa personal injury lawyer David Hollingsworth tells Read more