Personal Injury

PTSD and the availability of aggravated damages

By John McLeish and Nicole Fielding. Last week, Canadians recognized Veterans Week, reflecting on the service and sacrifices of members of our Armed Forces. Read more

Foreseeability of risks key to claims against sports leagues, coaches

There are limits to the risks sports administrators and volunteer coaches can be expected to anticipate, Toronto personal injury lawyer David Derfel tells Read more

Kotak Law’s Military Appreciation Day honours service men, women

Toronto personal injury and disability lawyer Nainesh Kotak tells CHCH that he hosts the Kotak Law Military Appreciation Day each year as a way of giving back to the men and women of the military who have given so much to our society. Read more

Update on the law of social host liability

By Patrick Brown and William Harding. This case remains the leading authority on social host liability. In the decision, it was found that social hosts do not owe a duty of care to people that are injured by the actions of individuals that became intoxicated while attending the social host’s party. In that decision, former Chief Justice McLachlin stated: Read more

Safety recommendations needed around truck-related deaths: Brown

A coroner’s review of truck-related deaths on Ontario’s highways is long overdue, Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown tells the Toronto Star . Read more

Experts who act for both sides more attractive to personal injury counsel

Counsel are less likely to hire experts who exclusively testify for either plaintiffs or defendants following a recent decision which addressed the witnesses' apparent lack of impartiality, Toronto personal injury and disability lawyer Nainesh Kotak tells Read more

Children's aid societies potentially liable for injuries in care

There are a number of ways a children’s aid society (CAS) can be found liable for injuries to children in their care, Toronto critical injury lawyer Rikin Morzaria tells Read more

Kotak hosts fundraiser to support veterans

For the fourth consecutive year Mississauga personal injury lawyer Nainesh Kotak will be hosting Kotaklaw Military Appreciation Day, an event where he brings out 1,000 troops, veterans and cadets to a Brampton Beast hockey game. Read more

Steering sensors could stem tide of impaired driving cases

Steering wheel technology could help prevent a spike in impaired driving-related accidents following the legalization of cannabis for recreational use, Toronto personal injury lawyer Jasmine Daya tells Read more

Will the legalization of pot result in more injuries?

By Nainesh Kotak . Effective October 17, Canadians can purchase legal recreational marijuana from approved vendors. In Ontario, adults 19 and over may now possess a maximum of 30 grams of pot in public. Read more

Province's new charges largely ignore vulnerable road users

While it’s promising that the Ontario government introduced tougher penalties for endangering pedestrians, more needs to be done to protect vulnerable road users, Windsor personal injury lawyer Gino Paciocco tells . Read more

When cities are liable for random attacks

Municipalities need to ensure their standards are up-to-date and that they’re staffed well enough to ensure safety in all public places following a recent ruling that found the City of Calgary liable for injuries a transit rider suffered in a swarming attack, says Toronto personal injury lawyer Paul Cahill. Read more

Court rules benefits apply to injuries sustained while car surfing

Toronto personal injury lawyer Nainesh Kotak says a recent ruling by the Ontario Divisional Court confirming that auto insurance covers what’s known as car surfing is a well-reasoned decision. Read more

The benefit of patience in Aboriginal issues: Strike

In close to four decades at the bar, Bowmanville personal injury lawyer Ron Strike has learned that it often takes patience to earn the trust of his clients. Read more

Burrison reaps rewards from embracing her entrepreneurial spirit

Since starting her own firm this past summer, Toronto personal injury lawyer Alison Burrison has lost count of the number of times female friends have called her “brave.” Read more