Personal Injury

What is implied consent?

By David Hollingsworth . Does no consent mean implied consent? What happens if someone uses your vehicle without your consent and causes an accident or injury? Is this implied consent? Read more

Brown: pro hockey concussion settlement 'not reasonable'

The tentative settlement offering $22,000 to more than 300 former professional hockey players who accused their league of failing to protect them from head injuries is unreasonable, Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown tells France 24. Read more

Donation bin-related deaths prompt manufacturer to stop production

TORONTO — The manufacturer of clothing donation bins used by charities across Canada said Tuesday it has stopped producing the metal containers, which were involved in at least two recent deaths, while it works on coming up with safer designs. Read more

Balancing the risks and benefits: spectator sporting injuries

By Dale Orlando and Taraneh Etemadi The start of a new year is an exciting time for sports fans as the national sports teams up the ante with the NFL playoffs beginning and the NBA and NHL entering the second half of their respective seasons. Read more

Privacy concerns abound surrounding automated vehicle insurance

Consumers should be turning their minds to the privacy implications of insurance policies for automated vehicles, Toronto personal injury lawyer Jennifer Hoffman t ells Read more

Keep your children safe on the slopes

By Salvatore Shaw and Courtney Stewart . One of the best things about Canadian winters is all the winter activities we can enjoy once the snow starts falling – especially skiing and snowboarding. Read more

Planting the 'seed of safety' in winter sports

With tobogganing season in full swing, it's imperative that parents teach their children about the inherent risks and the importance of safety , Ottawa personal injury lawyer David Hollingsworth tells AdvocateDaily. com . Read more

Ride sharing and sexual assaults: protections for women in Ontario

By Alison Burrison . In today’s society, rideshare companies offer an affordable and easy way to get to your destination; but who really is the person behind the wheel driving you or your teenager around? That is a thought that is often overlooked due to the convenience of ordering a driver at a discounted rate at the touch of your phone. Read more

Was your disability claim denied because you applied too late?

By Nainesh Kotak . Most short-term disability and long-term disability insurance policies will contain clauses that set our when your claim for disability benefits must be submitted. Sometimes disability claims are denied by insurers on the basis that the application was filed too late. Read more

The duty of an insurance broker to offer additional coverage

By John McLeish and Courtney Stewart . Benefits available to injured Ontario drivers have been dramatically decreased in the past decade. Many Ontario drivers do not know that they can protect themselves and their families by purchasing additional coverage at very little cost. Read more

Clear policies, protocols required around suspected bullying

It is “absolutely imperative” that schools and sports organizations have a clear anti-bullying policy as well as a protocol to follow when an incident occurs or is suspected, Toronto personal injury lawyer Alison Burrison tells . Read more

Occupational injuries and long-term disability

By David Hollingsworth . Many employers provide group benefits packages to their employees, including long-term disability (LTD) benefits. In addition, some employers also have an additional LTD policy to cover workplace injuries and illnesses caused at/by the workplace, called an occupational long-term disability policy. Read more

Long-term disability insurance part 1: the basics

In part one of a four-part series on long-term disability insurance, Toronto personal injury and disability lawyer Nainesh Kotak explains some of the lesser-known facts about applying and qualifying for benefits. Read more

Evolving liability for party hosts with intoxicated guests

Holiday party hosts may find themselves liable for the misdeeds of intoxicated guests as the law in the area continues to evolve, Toronto personal injury lawyer Paul Cahill tells Read more

Rastin: deductible, threshold cause further pain for accident victims

In the first instalment of a two-part series exploring access to justice for personal injury plaintiffs, Barrie-area litigator Steve Rastin explains how the threshold test and statutory deductible further hurt accident victims. Read more