Personal Injury

Ontario court decisions have cut into accident settlements: Rastin

In the final instalment of a two-part series exploring the impact of the statutory deductible and threshold test, Barrie-area litigator Steve Rastin examines Ontario court decisions that have further eroded compensation for accident victims. Read more

The sky is falling: the dangers of falling ice

By Dale Orlando and Nicole Fielding Traversing the city during the wintertime is no easy feat. Slush and ice on concrete sidewalks can make for a slippery walking surface that requires constant attention from pedestrians. There is also the risk of falling ice and snow from skyscrapers towering above. Read more

Asthma, other respiratory conditions can cause long-term disability

By Nainesh Kotak . Chronic respiratory disorders are diseases of the airways and lungs that continue over a prolonged period or throughout the lifetime of the affected person. Read more

Winter ice hazards and legal liability

Landlords are generally liable for injuries to people and damage to property caused by falling ice and icicles on their properties, Ottawa personal injury lawyer David Hollingsworth tells . Read more

Municipalities' deep pockets make them attractive defendants

The deep pockets of municipalities make them attractive targets for plaintiffs, Bowmanville personal injury lawyer Ron Strike tells Read more

‘Tis the season – winter road safety tips

By Patrick Brown and Nicole Fielding . Winter is known for treacherous weather and subpar driving conditions. The weather and resulting road conditions add an additional element of distraction for drivers, which can lead to dangerous conditions for our cyclists and pedestrians. Read more

Bent to co-chair personal injury elder law session at 2019 OBA Institute

London personal injury lawyer Maia Bent will co-chair a program on personal injury and elder law at the upcoming Ontario Bar Association (OBA) Institute in Toronto. Read more

Party host's duty to guests does not include policing them: Ford

The host of a party is not expected to police their guests when it comes to drinking or smoking marijuana, but they still have an obligation to keep them safe, Kamloops personal injury lawyer Matthew Ford tells Read more

What to do when surgical mesh implants go wrong: Will

People suffering from pain or discomfort caused by a surgical mesh implant should seek medical attention and then meet with a lawyer as soon as possible, says Toronto personal injury lawyer Gary Will. Read more

Know your burden of responsibility in an accident: Paciocco

In the first instalment of a two-part series, Windsor personal injury lawyer Gino Paciocco discusses the legal principle of contributory negligence. Read more

Safety concerns surrounding cannabis need more attention: Daya

Safety concerns risk being lost in the excitement over cannabis legalization, Toronto personal injury lawyer Jasmine Daya tells Read more

Drivers using a phone four times more likely to crash: Haté

The tough new penalties that recently came into effect for distracted driving are a positive development, Toronto personal injury lawyer Rohan Haté tells Read more

Long-term disability insurance part 2: denials

In part two of a four-part series on long-term disability insurance, T oronto personal injury and disability lawyer Nainesh Kotak explores how to handle denial of claims by insurance companies. Read more

Public transit: bigger responsibility to keep the public safe

By John McLeish and Courtney Stewart . Public transit plays an essential role in our communities. Every day, public transit drivers navigate large vehicles throughout busy streets, carryings thousands of passengers to various destinations. Read more

Distracted driving penalties harsh but necessary: Orlando

Ontario’s new distracted driving penalties may be tough, but not in comparison with the cost to “injured innocents,” Toronto critical injury lawyer Dale Orlando tells Read more