Personal Injury

Challenge of running your own firm worth the reward: Gosai

Women “shouldn’t be afraid to play by their own rules” when it comes to opening their own law firm, says Brampton personal injury lawyer Nital Gosai. Read more

Brown urges province to use roadside tech to catch cell users

Ontario personal injury lawyer and road safety advocate Patrick Brown tells CBC News he is lobbying the province to implement technology that would allow police to conduct roadside tests to see if drivers are using their cellphones behind the wheel. Read more

Money can’t compensate for death of loved one: Grillo

TORONTO — A fatal boat crash on an Ontario lake this summer has prompted a wrongful death lawsuit against celebrity businessman Kevin O'Leary and his wife Linda O'Leary, who was driving their vessel. Read more

Third parties can help executors avoid pitfalls, focus attention

Administering an estate is a daunting task that can require extensive skills beyond the scope of some executors, and seeking guidance from knowledgeable third parties can be an important part of ensuring all responsibilities of the role are met, says Avi Dahary, founder of AccounTrust. Read more

Learn from other cities’ problems with e-scooters: Pollard

As the popularity of e-scooters grows, so do the problems that accompany them, Oakville personal injury lawyer Weston Pollard writes in The Lawyer’s Daily. Read more

Statements of claim should not be seen as absolute fact: Daya

It is important to not assume statements of claim are absolute fact when considering allegations contained in a lawsuit, says Toronto personal injury lawyer Jasmine Daya. Read more

Marine expert opinion needed in wrongful death claim

A fatal boat crash on an Ontario lake this summer will require expert evidence from a marine accident reconstructionist, and investigators may be able to obtain important data from the watercraft involved in the accident, says Toronto personal injury lawyer Rohan Haté. Read more

Consider all options in unusual MVA injury claims: Paciocco

Never assume a personal injury case is not worth pursuing despite how unusual the circumstances, says Windsor personal injury lawyer Gino Paciocco. Read more

Family retains Brown in wrongful death lawsuit against O'Learys

TORONTO — A fatal boat crash on an Ontario lake this summer has prompted a wrongful death lawsuit against celebrity businessman Kevin O’Leary and his wife Linda O’Leary, who was driving their vessel. Read more

How to prove you are disabled when applying for LTD benefits

By Nainesh Kotak An illness or accident can prevent you from working. If you are fortunate enough to have a long-term disability policy through work or privately it is important to know what you must do in order to increase your chances of your disability claim being approved. Read more

Cortinovis forges partnership with clients based on trust

By forming a close relationship with clients, Toronto personal injury lawyer Davide V. Cortinovis says he is able to fully understand their needs and build the best case possible for them. Read more

Meticulous preparation key to success in PI cases: Henderson

Barrie personal injury lawyer Kevin Henderson’s focus is on fighting to achieve a good outcome for clients injured in motor vehicle accidents, but it doesn’t stop there — he prides himself on working for the client’s best interests, which often fall beyond the parameters of the case. Read more

Determination a hallmark of Grillo’s life and practice

Thirteen years after Toronto personal injury lawyer Salvatore Grillo arrived in Canada as a teen unable to speak a single word of English, he was enrolled at one of the country's most prestigious law schools, and well on the way to establishing himself as a respected member of Ontario's personal injury bar. Read more

Orlando: barring civil juries in Rule 76 claims ‘makes sense’

Recent changes to the Rules of Civil Procedure eliminating civil juries in actions under $200,000 will help streamline the litigation process and make it more affordable for plaintiffs, says Ontario personal injury lawyer Dale Orlando. Read more

Dependency claim can improve settlement in wrongful death

If someone dies in an auto accident due to the actions of another driver or the failure of the municipality to maintain the road, dependants can make a claim under the Family Law Act, for loss of care, guidance and companionship, but in the right case compensation should not be limited to those heads of damages, says Barrie-area personal injury lawyer Steve Rastin. Read more