Agencies allowed to reject tenants evicted for crimes

TORONTO — Ontario will allow community housing providers to reject tenants who have previously been evicted for criminal activity. Read more

‘Renoviction’ victims have legal options: Murray

Tenants have options when a landlord attempts a “renoviction,” says Ottawa paralegal Amri Murray, who handles cases of this nature. Read more

How to legally get out of a lease: Murray

Fixed-term leases aren’t as iron-clad as they might appear to a landlord or tenant who wants to get out of their contract, says Ottawa paralegal Amri Murray. Read more

Banning pot not easy: Murray

Ontario landlords who want to ban tenants from smoking marijuana better check their existing lease agreements to see if it’s possible, Ottawa paralegal Amri Murray tells Read more

Explore legal options when renovations go wrong

If a home contractor fails to finish a job or leaves behind shoddy workmanship, grab a camera and start recording the evidence, Ottawa paralegal Amri Murray tells Read more

Paralegals an ideal option for landlord-tenant disputes

Tenants and landlords caught up in disputes should consider paralegal services to help find a resolution, Ottawa paralegal Amri Murray tells Read more

Paralegals offer relief from the perils of self-representation

Unfamiliarity with the law and court processes can cost self-represented individuals dearly, Ottawa paralegal Amri Murray tells Read more

Paralegals provide invaluable guidance to self-reps

A string of cases before the Human Rights Tribunal that led to a man being deemed a “... Read more

Access to justice: the value of paralegals

By Amri Murray for . When it comes to legal representation and advice, Ontarians have two options: hire a lawyer or enlist the services of a paralegal. Read more

Murray takes leap of faith to help everyday people

Ottawa paralegal Amri Murray has always felt an affinity for the underdog. Read more

Paralegal Cup mock trials showcase student skill, competency

The Paralegal Cup showcases the skill and competency of paralegal students — and lawyers should take notice, says Toronto civil litigator Darryl Singer . Read more

Lippa to chair criminal law program for paralegals

Toronto paralegal Marian Lippa will chair an upcoming Law Society of Upper Canada ‘Paralegal Practice Basics’ program, aimed at outlining strategies for the effective handling of criminal law files. Read more

Lippa's client avoids jail time, large fines

An Ontario judge acquitted a man of three driving-related offences that carried large fines and potential jail time under the Highway Traffic Act and Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act after Toronto paralegal Marian Lippa represented the man on appeal. Read more

Review to consider expanding family legal services a positive step

The announcement on Tuesday that Ontario’s Ministry of the Attorney General and the Law Society of Upper Canada are reviewing whether the delivery of family legal services should be expanded to include professionals who are not lawyers, such as paralegals and law clerks, is a positive move forward in the quest to improve access to justice, says Toronto paralegal Marian Lippa. Read more

Paralegal students compete in annual moot competition

Top-tiered paralegal students from across Ontario provided "impressive" arguments as they competed in the recent Third Annual Paralegal Cup Intercollegiate Mooting competition, says Toronto paralegal and Bencher Marian Lippa. Read more