Paralegal wants respect, will make case Oct. 1

Toronto paralegal Marian Lippa wants to be treated with the same respect afforded to lawyers in the province of Ontario.

Lippa, of Lippa Legal Services in Toronto, will make her case in the form of a certiorari application before an Ontario Superior Court judge in Newmarket on Oct. 1, Lawyers Weekly reports.  Read Lawyers Weekly

In a sworn affidavit, Lippa alleges she was treated unfairly by justice of the peace Grainne Forrest of the Ontario Court of Justice and wants Forrest’s courtroom conduct reviewed.

“Do you think the public cares who got called and in what year?” Lippa asked rhetorically in an interview with Lawyers Weekly. “They want to know they hired someone who’s going to represent them and be recognized by the judiciary as a matter of right and not as a matter of obtaining permission.”

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