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Woman sentenced in Saskatoon for making bomb threats, mailing white powder

SASKATOON — A woman who sent white powder packages and made bomb threats to schools and businesses in Saskatoon has been sentenced to two years less a day in jail.

Alexa Emerson, formerly known as Amanda Totchek, faced 83 criminal charges related to the string of deliveries and threats between November 2016 and April 2017.

She pleaded guilty to 15 of the charges under an arrangement agreed to by Crown and defence lawyers.

The sentence means Emerson will serve another 115 days in custody after credit for time served and then three years probation after her release.

Emerson sent white powder to four businesses in 2016 and made bomb threats to several schools and the University of Saskatchewan Cancer Centre.

She surrendered to police after a Canada-wide warrant was put out for her arrest in early April.

``What happened in these 15 counts is unacceptable in society,'' Justice Gerald Allbright of Court of Queen's Bench said Wednesday.

He called the case ``extremely unique.''

Emerson, 38, was given the opportunity to speak in court prior to her sentencing, but she declined.

According to the statement of facts in the case, Emerson targeted ex-boyfriends, their families, their workplaces, her own current and former workplaces, and an office of her former lawyer, among other locations, with the bomb threats and package deliveries.

Several of the threats and packages were made or sent to implicate her targets.

Two of the 15 counts related to harassing emails, messages and hoax videos she sent in 2016.

The videos, which showed herself bound and being assaulted, were meant to mislead police.

Other counts were connected with a string of vulgar and threatening letters she sent, or arranged to be sent, to a number of people.

The letters, which were signed in the name of a different former boyfriend, were meant to harass and implicate him.

The Crown claims the emergency response and lost business due to evacuations and investigations cost in excess of $200,000.

Emerson changed her name from Amanda Totchek after previously pleading guilty to a harassment campaign against an ex-boyfriend.

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