Ounce of prevention could curtail complaints against lawyers

Increased mandatory programming to address better client communication and file management could seriously trim complaints to the Law Society of Ontario (LSO) against lawyers and paralegals, says Toronto mediator Bernard Morrow . Read more

How to effectively prepare for an employment mediation

Parties can lay the groundwork for successful mediation by communicating rationally and reasonably from the outset, according to Toronto employment law mediators Barry B. Fisher and Peter Israel . Read more

Gossin starts new chapter at Devry Smith Frank

The latest chapter in the storied career of Toronto mediator Eric Gossin begins today when he joins Devry Smith Frank LLP . Read more

Workplace investigation, mediation roles are apples and oranges

Organizations faced with workplace conflicts may be required to call in an independent investigator to uncover the root cause of the issues and make recommendations but they shouldn’t, as a general rule, retain the same person to mediate, says Toronto mediator Bernard Morrow . Read more

Expertise should not trump skill in mediator selection

When trying to find the right person for the job, mediation skills are much more important than subject-matter expertise, says Toronto lawyer and mediator Eric Gossin. Read more

Mediation underused for settling temporary issues in divorce

Mediation is underrated as a technique for resolving temporary or interim issues between splitting couples, says Toronto family lawyer Steven Benmor . Read more

OCA decision may mean more work for lawyers: Romero

Personal injury lawyers may have to change how they present cases that seek damages for motor vehicle accidents following a recent ruling by the Ontario Court of Appeal (OCA), says Toronto mediator Victoria Romero . Read more

AI has a place in ADR: Huberman

Artificial intelligence (AI) won’t completely replace humans in alternative dispute resolution, Toronto commercial arbitrator Marvin Huberman tells Law Times . Read more

HRTO backlog calls for innovative outsourcing

Out-of-the-box thinking is required to address the backlog of cases at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) due to a shortage of adjudicators, says Toronto mediator Bernard Morrow . Read more

In mediation, final offers are a road to nowhere

The mediation table is already packed with drama — back and forth negotiations, emotion, and trials and tribulations — so the last thing it needs is for one party to table a final offer, says Toronto mediator and employment lawyer Peter Israel . Read more

Using mediation for the finer details avoids court costs

For separating spouses, mediation can provide a non-adversarial approach to resolving issues that courts often don’t handle, says Oakville family lawyer, mediator and arbitrator Cathryn Paul . Read more

Mediating neighbour disputes can save time, money: Rose

In the first instalment of a three-part series on the benefits of mediation in disputes where there are ongoing relationships that need to be managed quickly and inexpensively, Toronto mediator and settlement counsel Mitchell Rose focuses on neighbours. Read more

Ticker takes the stage for autism fundraiser

Toronto-area estates litigator and mediator Charles Ticker hits the stage with his band, The Faded Genes , on May 30 to raise money for autism. Read more

Mediator's style has to work for both parties: Jordan

In this second instalment of a three-part series on family law mediation, Toronto family lawyer and mediator Kelly Jordan discusses what to consider when selecting a mediator. Read more