Early intervention in business disputes controls risk, costs

Bringing in a neutral third-party to deal with ongoing problems that can arise between business partners or shareholders can help avoid those issues spinning out into expensive and protracted legal disputes, says Toronto mediator and settlement counsel Mitchell Rose. Read more

Rose to discuss workplace mediation and accommodating mental health

As part of Osgoode Professional Development’s (OsgoodePD) Certificate in Mental Health Law, Toronto mediator and settlement counsel Mitchell Rose will discuss mediation in the context of accommodating mental health disabilities in the workplace. Read more

Mediation valuable for ex-spouses navigating co-parenting

Even in a high-conflict divorce where it’s difficult for ex-spouses to communicate and work together, mediation can be valuable in assisting parties to look forward — particularly when children are involved, says Toronto mediator and lawyer Victoria Romero. Read more

Location of mediation doesn’t have an impact: Gossin

Home-field advantage isn’t enough of a factor in mediation to warrant renting a pricey neutral venue, says Toronto mediator Eric Gossin, who is called upon to be the impartial voice in a wide variety of mediated disputes. Read more

The importance of time and place in mediation

Litigators could benefit from opening their minds to the possibility of early mediation and settlement, says Toronto mediator Eric Gossin. Read more

Tactics for success in high-stakes mediations

A vital part of a mediator’s responsibility in helping disputing parties reach a settlement is to outline the risks of not resolving the matter, says Brampton civil litigator Edwin Upenieks. Read more

Mediation is safest way to handle termination pay grey areas

Grey areas in the law surrounding termination clauses are great for mediators but bad for public policy, says Toronto employment mediator and arbitrator Barry B. Fisher. Read more

Conscious uncoupling enables child-centred resolution

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin made the phrase ‘conscious uncoupling’ famous when they divorced in 2014, and it’s something many ex-partners work towards for the sake of their children, says Oakville family lawyer and mediator Robina Khan. Read more

Mediation the key to uncovering future working relationships

Mediation can uncover opportunities for a continued working relationship in employer-employee disputes, says Toronto mediator and settlement counsel Mitchell Rose. Read more

Points to consider in selecting a suitable mediator

People who choose to resolve disputes through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) should opt for a mediator who has proficiency in the field, says Brampton civil litigator Edwin Upenieks. Read more

Family business disputes among toughest to mediate: Gossin

Early mediation can help family business owners get to the root of problems before they spiral out of control, says Toronto mediator Eric Gossin. Read more

ADR mitigates risk, enables custom resolutions: Upenieks

Relying on mediation to solve disputes rather than litigating in court can save time, money and relationships, says Brampton civil litigator Edwin Upenieks. Read more

Top 10 tips on how to prepare for mediation: Fisher

People entering mediation after their job has been terminated can improve their chances of success if they bring proper documentation and the right mindset to the process, says Toronto employment lawyer and mediator Barry Fisher. Read more

Recreational cannabis opens whole new legal can of worms

Legalizing recreational cannabis has created a growing list of legal headaches, Toronto arbitrator Marvin Huberman tells Caregiver Solutions magazine. Read more

Ounce of prevention could curtail complaints against lawyers

Increased mandatory programming to address better client communication and file management could seriously trim complaints to the Law Society of Ontario (LSO) against lawyers and paralegals, says Toronto mediator Bernard Morrow . Read more