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Lonny Rosen speaking at elderly client conference

Toronto health lawyer Lonny Rosen will be speaking today at a two-day conference hosted by the Osgoode Hall Law School Professional Development program to help legal professionals best serve their elderly clients.

Rosen, partner at Rosen Sunshine LLP, will discuss advanced care planning and end-of-life decisions in the wake of the Cuthbertson v. Rasouli case during the two day conference, titled Advising the Elderly Client: key issues, best practices and practical approaches, at the Osgoode Professional Development Centre.

Rosen will look at the requirements necessary for consent under the Health Care Consent Act, how advance care planning fits into the scheme, and what an advanced directive, living will and power of attorney for personal care are. Rosen will also discuss the Rasouli decision in detail and how it will apply both inside and outside Ontario. There will also be a case law update included in Rosen’s presentation.

Advising the elderly is an area of practice on the upswing for lawyers, as the brochure points out, because by the year 2030 25 per cent of the Canadian population will be over the age of 65, with baby boomers moving into their senior years.

“The growth of this sector is likely to continue along with the complexity of laws/issues surrounding it, as evidenced by the recent Supreme Court of Canada decision in Rasouli," the brochure states. "As a practitioner or elder client adviser, you need to understand the issues around aging, legal support and infrastructure that affect all elderly clients and their families.”

The two-day program was developed to cover a wide range of practical issues and solutions which will enable lawyers to offer the best possible advice and service to elderly clients. Issues covered will include:

• Educating the client on life planning and estate planning
• Strategies for dealing with conflicts of interest with family members
• Obtaining informed consent in Ontario and obligations of the substitute decision maker
• Deathbed will changes – what should you do?
• Family law issues, including parental support and access to grandchildren
• Recognizing and preventing abuse of the elderly
• Criteria for refusing admission to, and discharging from, long-term care homes
• Resolving potential family disagreements before they happen
• Tenant and landlord rights under the RTA

For more information visit the Osgoode Professional Development program website.

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