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Canadian judges increasingly using electronic monitoring as bail tool

Canadian judges and justices of the peace are increasingly accepting alcohol and GPS monitoring as a risk-management tool while applying the legal test to decide whether an individual will be released on bail, says Steve Tan, partner at Recovery Science Corp. Read more

Medical concensus reports would make litigation more efficient: Ford

Toronto orthopedic spine and trauma surgeon Dr. Michael Ford says personal injury litigation would be less costly and time-consuming in Ontario if there was a move — as there has been in other countries — toward getting experts from both sides to come to a consensus about the key medical issues. Read more

BridgePoint offers law firm financing for fair compensation in litigation

When John Rossos co-founded BridgePoint Financial Services Inc. in 2005, he and his partner, Stephen Pauwels, set out to provide the kind of funding for law firms and their clients that would help them gain access to justice. Read more

Questions remain around regulation of lawyers as debt collectors

In the Canadian debt collection industry, the question of whether lawyers have to abide by applicable consumer protection legislation — or only by the rules established by the profession’s self-governing bodies — is still largely unanswered, Toronto litigator François Sauvageau writes in Lawyers Weekly . Read more

Law office should reflect, enhance firm culture

Current trends around law office redesign have a lot to do with financial responsibility and technology, as the age of the elaborate firm with a massive reception area is making way for a multifunctional space for all employees, Toronto legal management consultant Mark Dormer tells Lawyers Weekly . Read more

Find real, paying clients on LinkedIn with this 5-step marketing plan for lawyers

By Jana Schilder LinkedIn is now the world’s largest business networking site. As a category or group, lawyers are among the top five groups of LinkedIn users worldwide. Read more

Drilling down on the deductibility of paid executor compensation

By Avi Dahary . The uncertainty surrounding whether compensation paid to an estate executor is deductible and if so, how much of it is deductible, has meant that most tax treatments of this issue are to the extremes — either deduct the full amount of paid compensation or none at all. Needless to say, both treatments are often unsatisfactory. Read more

Personal injury money train off the rails

Lawsuits from minor motor vehicle accidents (MVA) have spawned a multimillion-dollar industry that has spiralled out of control, says Toronto orthopedic spine and trauma surgeon Dr. Michael Ford. Read more

Kardashian jewelry heist highlights celebrity security issue

The Kim Kardashian jewelry robbery in Paris highlights the complexities around celebrity security and social media, says Jim Downs , managing director of MKD International Inc. Read more

BridgePoint offers funding alternatives for law firms

BridgePoint Financial Services Inc. provides disbursement financing to law firms to help lawyers grow their practices, fund expert reports required to validate their clients’ files and maximize compensation for their losses, says co-founder John Rossos. Read more

DivorceMate to hold fall training sessions

DivorceMate Software Inc. is hosting a series of training seminars so both longstanding and new users can learn how to best optimize what the software has to offer, says company president Michael Perlman. Read more

Policy manual a must for law firms

It’s important for every law firm to have an office policy manual that is reviewed annually and accessible to everyone who works there, says Toronto legal management consultant Mark Dormer. Read more

Knock-off brands no bargain for deal hunters

Bargain hunters beware: That knock-off Louis Vuitton bag may be tempting, but there’s a hidden cost behind counterfeit merchandise, says Jim Downs , managing director of MKD International Inc. Read more

Billiards with the Bar fundraiser an event not to miss

Toronto’s legal community and friends are being invited to play billiards, have some food and socialize for a good cause — providing the city’s hungry with hot, nutritious meals. Read more invaluable for family court self-reps

The number of self-represented litigants is on the rise in family court, which brings challenges for both sides of the table — but a resource such as (MSC) can be a valuable asset for those who choose to go it alone, says the National Post . Read more