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DivorceMate updates software following federal child support changes

DivorceMate Software Inc. has updated its software to reflect changes that Ottawa has made to the federal Child Support Tables, says company president Michael Perlman. Read more

Easy Legal Finance Inc. launches new treatment loan solution

Easy Legal Finance Inc. has launched a new treatment loan solution to help plaintiffs access the rehabilitation therapy they need after being injured in an accident, says its president and CEO Larry Herscu. Read more

Ontario courts take baby steps to modernize with Wi-Fi, digital options

TORONTO — Ontario's antiquated court system will inch toward the modern age, as the attorney general announced Wi-Fi for courthouses, jury summons via email or text and some online divorce filings. Read more

Executive coaching: building the road map

This is the first post in a series on executive coaching with Toronto lawyer and executive coach Michael Bury. In this instalment he provides an introduction to executive coaching and an overview of what happens in the first two of six sessions. Read more

Compassion needed for investigating family matters: MKD

MKD International Inc. handles all family-related investigations with compassion and understanding, says Jim Downs , the company’s founding partner and managing director. Read more

New Toronto courthouse: a time for new technology

The construction of Toronto’s mega-courthouse presents a great opportunity for Ontario to get serious about modernizing the justice system and moving closer to one that enables digital exhibits and other 21st-century technology, says Neesons Court Reporting founder and president Kim Neeson. Read more

Superior Court decision on costs 'key' for access to justice

A recent Ontario Superior Court of Justice decision on costs in a personal injury matter has “massive implications” for legal cost protection providers such as BICO Risk Management Inc. and, more importantly, will improve access to justice for plaintiffs, says John Rossos, chairman and CEO of the company. Read more

U.S. Tax IQ to host webinar on year-end tax planning tips

U.S. tax accountant Brandon Vucen and U.S. tax attorney Alexey Manasuev will share tips on key year-end U.S. and cross-border tax planning and compliance considerations in an upcoming webinar. Read more

Background checks as part of pre-employment screening

Vetting potential employees before they are hired through background checks is a routine procedure for many companies, says Jim Downs , founding partner and managing director of MKD International Inc. Read more

Law firm compensation systems balance business goals and fairness

When putting together a compensation plan for lawyers, firms have to ensure it’s fair, on-market, and motivates them to perform well, says Toronto legal management consultant Mark Dormer. Read more

The court backlog and the financial impact on plaintiffs

With the backlog in Ontario civil courts, personal injury plaintiffs have to wait longer for their cases to be processed, putting a growing number of them in financial hardship, says Easy Legal Finance Inc. president and CEO Larry Herscu. Read more

How to limit tax risk when expanding to U.S. market

Small and medium-sized businesses considering expansion into the U.S. need to plan ahead to ensure they have limited tax exposure, Oakville-based U.S. tax attorney Alexey Manasuev tells Read more

Catastrophic impairment and the importance of clear evaluation

Physicians performing assessments to determine whether a personal injury claimant suffers from a catastrophic impairment need to rely on clear evaluative scales to make accurate findings, says Toronto orthopaedic spine and trauma surgeon Dr. Michael Ford. Read more

The position of executor: from cradle to grave – Part IV

By Avi Dahary . The determination and discharging of debts and liabilities Read more