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Ghostwritten medical reports should not be permitted: Ford

Ghostwritten medical reports are not the same as consensus reports and should not be allowed in medical legal cases, says Toronto orthopaedic spine and trauma surgeon Dr. Michael Ford. Read more

Deliscar presents 'Translating French Contracts' in Gatineau

Brampton lawyer-linguist Suzanne Deliscar is presenting a full-day course in Gatineau, Que., for translators who want to learn how to translate French contracts and expand their bilingual French-English legal terminology. Read more

BICO announces sale of controlling interest to Trebuchet

BICO Risk Management Inc. has announced the sale of a controlling interest in its legal expense insurance business to a consortium led by an affiliate of Trebuchet Group Holdings Limited. Read more

Coaching provides valuable independent perspective

The legal profession is becoming more comfortable with the use of executive coaches to enhance competitiveness and well-being, Toronto lawyer and executive coach Michael Bury tells . Read more

Tips for strengthening sexual harassment policies

Increased publicity around sexual harassment in the workplace has put added pressure on employers to ensure that due diligence is consistently applied when dealing with complaints and that their internal policies reflect that commitment, Toronto workplace violence and elder abuse consultant Denise Koster writes in The Lawyer’s Daily . Read more

DivorceMate Software launches new Forms Cloud product

DivorceMate Software Inc. has released a beta version of its new DM Forms Cloud software for Ontario and British Columbia to allow users to create and access their family law court forms calculations remotely from any digital device, says the company’s president Michael Perlman. Read more

ACL helps firms increase efficiency, reduce errors

Using the right software can boost a law firm’s efficiency while preventing costly errors in filings, says Alan Bass , president of Korbitec Inc. , a Toronto-based software development company that provides technology products to the Canadian legal profession. Read more

MKD International probes trademark fraud

Private investigators give victims of trademark fraud a place to turn to deal with the problem, says Jim Downs , founding partner and managing director of MKD International Inc. Read more

Tailored training maximizes eDiscovery efficiency

Tailored training helps law firms get the most out of eDiscovery software, says Jason Bell-Masterson, director at the Toronto branch of legal technology company Epiq. Read more

ATE insurance levels the playing field for plaintiffs

One way to ease a plaintiff’s litigation risk is to provide After the Event (ATE) legal expense insurance that could cover costs if the case is lost, says Nick Robson , vice-president and general counsel in the Toronto office of TheJudge Global. Read more

With seniors’ debt rising, an accident can be devastating

The convergence of two trends — seniors retiring while still in debt and continuing to drive until an advanced age — has created a financial pitfall for those who get into an accident and must wait for an insurance company settlement, says Toronto settlement loan provider Larry Herscu of Easy Legal Finance. Read more

Mitigating risk: the importance of workplace threat assessments

Canadian companies need to do much more to protect their employees from violence in the workplace, including conducting proactive threat assessments, Toronto workplace violence consultant Denise Koster tells Read more

Saving amid the rising cost of home, auto insurance

There are several reasons why auto insurance premiums continue to rise and one of them is as simple as the vehicles on the road, says Dawn Marchand , vice-president of marketing and direct distribution for CBIA/Lawyers Financial. Read more

How Google is getting your information, and what to do about it

By Ryan Duquette. Recently, Fox News aired a video about how Google is tracking our every move. Since this video aired, we've had a number of inquiries asking how Google manages to do this, and if we have any tips to stop it from happening. Here's the video. Read more

Ryley educates employers on preventing sexual harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace can have a devastating impact on an organization’s brand and corporate reputation — as is apparent from the lawsuits, scandals and #MeToo revelations that have cast a negative shadow on a number of industries, says Toronto human rights and employment lawyer Bay Ryley . Read more