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Bury: EQ can have huge impact on legal career, relationships

Emotional intelligence is critically important in a legal profession that is rapidly changing with new technologies and greater client demands, Toronto lawyer and certified executive coach Michael Bury tells . Read more

Snowbirds should call auto insurer before travelling south

As Canadian snowbirds prepare to flock south of the border for sunshine and relaxation, Easy Legal Finance Inc. president and CEO Larry Herscu encourages travellers to cover all of their bases. Read more

No end of pressures for the court reporter

By Kim Neeson . From scheduling to reporting to transcribing, there are many high-pressure demands placed on court reporters in their job. In over 30 years of reporting, here’s what’s changed. Read more

Settlement loans involving property require out of the box strategy

While it may not be difficult for personal injury clients to seek out a smaller, ‘run of the mill’ settlement loan, successfully structuring a larger transaction to save an individual’s mortgage from default within 24 hours requires specialized knowledge, flexibility and a personalized approach, says Dawn Simons, client relations manager at CaseMark Financial. Read more

Legal tech part two: five legal tech plays

By Alan Bass and Michael Sauber . In our post, " Legal tech shows no signs of slowing ," we examined the drivers behind the use of technology in legal practice. In this post, we make the case for legal tech adoption and provide examples of initiatives already in play. Read more

Creating business plans readies LPP candidates for practice

Ryerson University’s Law Practice Program (LPP) aims to better bridge the gap between law school and the practice of law by having candidates create a solid business plan, says Chris Bentley, director of the Toronto-based program. Read more

Internal auditors no match for fraud experts

Companies should have a crisis plan they can quickly put into action when internal fraud is suspected, Toronto forensic accountant and investigator Dave Oswald tells Read more

Marcel Strigberger's media roundup

Humour writer, speaker and author Marcel Strigberger is a frequent contributor to a variety of legal and non-legal publications in Canada and the United States. Read more

E-learning solution for EDI hours, tackling sexual harassment in law firms

News that the Law Society of Ontario (LSO) saw a sharp increase in complaints in the wake of the #MeToo movement highlights that lawyers are also grappling with sexual harassment in the workplace, says Toronto human rights and employment lawyer Bay Ryley. Read more

Surveillance can answer divorced parents' concerns: Downs

Few people are at their best during a divorce and custody battle, and when one parent decides to mount surveillance on the other surprising things can happen, says Toronto private investigator Jim Downs . Read more

Law association membership helps young lawyers stand out: FOLA

Membership in a local law association can help new lawyers stand out from the crowd, says The Federation of Ontario Law Associations' (FOLA) new Chair Michael Winward. Read more

A title by any other name is not a rose

By Marcel Strigberger . What’s in a name? Or rather what’s in a title to a name? Read more

Data security for law firms part 1

In the first instalment of a two-part series, Korbitec president Alan Bass looks at data security for law firms. Read more

The position of executor: from cradle to grave – Part V

By Avi Dahary for . Personal and Estate Income Tax Read more

Campion's TLA certificate teaches litigators to broaden their legal minds

In a time of increasing specialization in the legal profession, Toronto barrister John Campion wants civil litigators to think big. Read more