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Marcel Strigberger's media roundup

Humour writer, speaker and author Marcel Strigberger is a frequent contributor to a variety of legal and non-legal publications in Canada and the United States. Read more

Snowbirds: take heed before taking flight

Taking steps to ensure your travel, home and auto insurance coverage is sufficient can contribute greatly to worry-free extended stays in the United States, says Dawn Marchand , vice-president of marketing, product and direct distribution of Toronto-based Lawyers Financial. Read more

Due diligence: law firms vulnerable to privacy breaches

The people whose privacy was breached when a hacker stole information about Ontario Cannabis Store customers from Canada Post could face problems crossing the border into the U.S., says Ryan Duquette , principal of Oakville-based Hexigent Consulting. Read more

Surveillance can answer divorced parents' concerns: Downs

Few people are at their best during a divorce and custody battle, and when one parent decides to mount surveillance on the other surprising things can happen, says Toronto private investigator Jim Downs . Read more

The benefits of managed eDiscovery services

The benefits of eDiscovery managed service arrangements offer cost predictability, easy access to data and the ability to expand storage quickly and simply, says Jason Bell-Masterson, manager of the Toronto branch of the legal technology company Epiq. Read more

No way around French Charter for businesses operating in Quebec

Businesses that want to operate in Quebec must abide by the province’s Charter of the French Language , Brampton lawyer-linguist Suzanne Deliscar tells Read more

Law association membership helps young lawyers stand out: FOLA

Membership in a local law association can help new lawyers stand out from the crowd, says The Federation of Ontario Law Associations' (FOLA) new Chair Michael Winward. Read more

A title by any other name is not a rose

By Marcel Strigberger . What’s in a name? Or rather what’s in a title to a name? Read more

Peel Region 'Ask the Lawyer' events to discuss wills, powers of attorney

In conjunction with Make-a-Will Month , Brampton lawyer-linguist Suzanne Deliscar is offering free ‘Ask the Lawyer’ day programs during the month of November to explore wills and powers of attorney. Read more

Data security for law firms part 1

In the first instalment of a two-part series, Korbitec president Alan Bass looks at data security for law firms. Read more

The position of executor: from cradle to grave – Part V

By Avi Dahary for . Personal and Estate Income Tax Read more

Campion's TLA certificate teaches litigators to broaden their legal minds

In a time of increasing specialization in the legal profession, Toronto barrister John Campion wants civil litigators to think big. Read more

Effective communications in law firms can enhance client experience

Open communication not only establishes trust and confidence among team members, it also allows lawyers and legal staff to work together cohesively and enable better client service, says Catherine Moffitt , an associate at legal practice management specialists Cosgrove Associates . Read more

Deliscar registers as a notary public with more consulates to assist Spanish and French-speaking clients

Brampton lawyer-linguist Suzanne Deliscar is now registered as a lawyer and notary public with 26 Consulates for Spanish and French-speaking clients. Read more

Bencher reform and the impact on regional representation

The Law Society of Ontario's (LSO) call to reduce the number of its benchers could adversely affect regional representation while adding to already-heavy committee workloads, says Jaye Hooper, chair of The Federation of Ontario Law Associations (FOLA). Read more