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Litigation funding avoids long-term impact of other solutions

While it may be tempting to file for bankruptcy or sell a primary residence when faced with the financial pressures of personal injury litigation, these short-term answers often carry long-term consequences — while a solution based on the litigation itself might be a preferable option, says Dawn Simons, client relations manager with CaseMark Financial. Read more

Manitoba families part of lawsuit against Ontario-based firm over senior care

WINNIPEG — Five Manitoba families are part of a massive lawsuit against an Ontario-based company that operates care homes for seniors. Read more

DFI Forensics: processing digital crime scenes

Anyone who’s seen police process a physical crime scene on TV has an idea of what DFI Forensics Inc. does for clients, says Tyler Hatch , the company’s founder and CEO. Read more

Whistleblowers discover most corporate fraud

The top three categories of corporate fraud involve asset misappropriation, financial statement fraud and corruption, Toronto forensic accountant and investigator Dave Oswald tells Read more

Using digital forensics when onboarding new employees

By Tyler Hatch . So you’re ready to make an offer of employment to your company’s next great employee or executive. The candidate looks amazing on paper and shined bright during interviews. Read more

New year a good time to revisit finances

The new year offers many new opportunities for lawyers, including the chance to develop a clear picture of personal finances with an eye to planning for the future, says Dawn Marchand , vice-president of marketing, product and direct distribution for Lawyers Financial. Read more

Speech-to-text technology faces multi-voice challenge

While there is no doubt that speech recognition technology is developing at a rapid rate, the biggest hurdle it faces is recognizing and differentiating multiple voices, Neesons Court Reporting founder and president Kim Neeson tells Read more

Use of 'hired gun' expert witnesses draws blanks in Canada

The role of an expert witness in a medical malpractice suit in Canada is much different than in the United States, says Toronto orthopedic spine and trauma surgeon Dr. Michael Ford . Read more

Lightening the mood an effective way to reduce tension

Humour is an underrated tool for diffusing conflict, says humorist and author Marcel Strigberger. Read more

You've been served! MKD director tells us how

If you’re a reluctant subject or witness to any legal action, you may duck, but it’s more difficult to hide from the process server, says Toronto-area private detective Jim Downs. Read more

Job candidates want to know what sets a law firm apart

When law firms are looking to hire top talent, it can be as much a sales exercise as it is a recruitment process, Toronto legal management consultant Mark Dormer tells Read more

FOLA launches LSO bencher election website

Solicitors should consider running in the Law Society of Ontario’s upcoming bencher elections, says Michael Winward, chair of The Federation of Ontario Law Associations (FOLA). Read more

Top risk factors for potential workplace violence

Canadian employers don’t take threat assessment seriously enough, Toronto workplace violence consultant Denise Koster tells Read more

Data security for law firms part 2

In the final instalment of a two-part series, Korbitec president Alan Bass explores how the company’s marquee software product — Automated Civil Litigation — can minimize the chance of a breach . Read more

Theft of intellectual property in the workplace

By Tyler Hatch . Recent surveys suggest that half of employees admit to stealing intellectual property (IP) from their company when they are fired. Their reasons appeared to range anywhere from wanting to make their former employer look bad out of vengeance to wanting to branch out on their own and start a competing business. Read more