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TLA helps lawyers of all ages develop better research skills

Young lawyers have the most to gain from the Toronto Lawyers Association’s (TLA) practical approach to teaching legal research skills, its executive director Joan Rataic-Lang tells . Read more

Court reporting much different for U.S. depositions: Neeson

American evidence-gathering hearings usually generate a much wider paper trail, and quite often, longer work days than their Canadian equivalent, says Neesons Court Reporting founder and president Kim Neeson. Read more

Equity, diversity now compliance issues for law firms

Equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) are now compliance issues for Ontario law firms, says Catherine Moffitt , an associate with legal practice management specialists Cosgrove Associates. Read more

Optional auto insurance offers huge relief for a small cost: Herscu

Purchasing optional coverage through your auto insurer is money well spent considering the additional protection provided in the event of an accident, Easy Legal Finance Inc. president and CEO Larry Herscu tells Read more

DivorceMate's Precedents feature comes to the cloud

Ontario and B.C. users of DivorceMate Software Inc. can now access all of its programs' features wherever and whenever they want, says Canadian legal software supplier Michael Perlman. Read more

Judges deliver wake-up call on the value of legal technology

The legal profession received a wake-up call when a pair of judges factored the parties’ use of technology into their decisions on costs, says Korbitec president Alan Bass. Read more

TLA collaborating with the NCA Network

A new collaboration between the Toronto Lawyers Association (TLA) and the NCA Network promises to bring together a legal community of diverse backgrounds, and educational experiences, says TLA executive director Joan Rataic-Lang. Read more

Relationship with responsible litigation lender key in current market

For many accident victims, a loan from a litigation lender may eventually be the only viable solution to the financial hardship they will experience — making it crucial for personal injury lawyers to invest the time to educate themselves on the market and build a relationship with a provider they can trust, says Stephen Pauwels , co-founder and principal of Toronto-based specialist litigation finance firm BridgePoint Financial Services. Read more

Embracing diversity the secret sauce of Ryerson’s LPP

Law graduates are increasingly choosing Ryerson University’s Law Practice Program (LPP) for the opportunity to learn with people of diverse ages, professional and educational backgrounds, and for exposure to a wide range of cultures, languages and ideas, says program director Gina Alexandris. Read more

The advantages of articling in a small town

The Law Society of Ontario (LSO) recently endorsed two pathways to licensing for law graduates — articling with a firm or completing a Law Practice Program at university — but graduates would do well to consider choosing a small town practice over a big-city experience, says William Woodward , vice-chair of The Federation of Ontario Law Associations (FOLA) . Read more

No jokes are the new joking

By Marcel Strigberger . No joking. Am I joking? I don’t think so. I have come to the conclusion that in this day and age none of the age-old formula jokes are safe. Their utterer will indubitably end up within the crosshairs of the politically correct police. Let’s examine some of these long-established joke genres. Read more

Knowledge is power: pre-divorce workshop guides clients through process

Taking time to strategize before diving into divorce can save people money in the long run, Toronto family lawyer and divorce recovery coach Leanne Townsend tells Read more

Top 10 ways MKD International Inc. helps law firms

A good private investigation firm can provide invaluable assistance to litigators in a variety of ways, whether it is interviewing witnesses, conducting surveillance, or detecting fraud, says Toronto-area private detective Jim Downs . Read more

Brave new world: navigating privacy breaches

New requirements for businesses to report data breaches to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and alert their clients will not likely result in many fines, says Tyler Hatch , founder and CEO of DFI Forensics Inc. Read more

Now’s a good time to think about RRSPs, taxes

Taking the time now to consider personal tax implications and laying down a financial foundation for the coming year can go a long way to setting yourself up for success down the road, says Dawn Marchand , vice-president of marketing, product and direct distribution for Lawyers Financial. Read more