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Inquiry may end complacency over health-care serial killers

The Long-Term Care Homes Public Inquiry into the crimes of Elizabeth Wettlaufer should shake nursing and medical professionals out of their complacency about the threat of serial killers in the health sector, says Toronto workplace violence consultant Denise Koster. Read more

CosmoLex keeps trust accounts audit-ready

CosmoLex helps lawyers keep their trust accounts audit-ready, according to Erica Birstler, the firm’s director of strategic communications. Read more

DivorceMate launches fall training sessions

DivorceMate Software Inc. is holding training sessions across Ontario to showcase how to optimize its child and spousal-support software, says company president Michael Perlman. Read more

ATE insurance offers clients litigation protection: Robson

After-The-Event (ATE) legal expense insurance can mitigate a client’s financial risks of litigation, says Nick Robson, vice-president and general counsel with the Toronto office of TheJudge Global. Read more

Counterfeit-stamped gold entering the market: Oswald

Illegally mined and smuggled gold is making its way into the financial market under cover of gold bars with forged stamps that claim the precious metal is coming from major refineries and mints, says Toronto forensic accountant and investigator Dave Oswald. Read more

Set goals, protect income when starting solo: Marchand

New lawyers practising on their own should develop a business plan and set goals to be achieved, says Dawn Marchand, vice-president of marketing, product and client experience for Lawyers Financial, which offers insurance and investment products to lawyers, their families and staff. Read more

Strigberger offers up humour to keep presentations lively

Stress and anxiety are parts of everyday life, but humourist and author Marcel Strigberger believes humour is a great way to cope with most situations people face. Read more

‘Uni-tasking’ can help improve productivity: Bury

The always-on technology which surrounds us has created major distraction issues in legal practices that some experts call “digital fragmentation,” says Michael Bury, a certified coach with Blue Pond Coaching, who helps professionals tune out the diversions. Read more

Utilizing the cloud in your law practice

By Erica Birstler Whether your firm is already using cloud applications or considering implementing them, there are some important considerations when it comes to using cloud-based systems. Read more

Protect yourself from investment fraud with these four tips

By Dave Oswald Investment fraud is easier to recognize when you know what it looks like. To protect your money and achieve your financial goals, it’s important to stay ahead of scammers. Read more

Social media content can be vital during a family law matter

In the middle of a heated domestic dispute people often say things over social media and in text messages that they think can be easily deleted, but it’s rarely gone for good, says Tyler Hatch, founder and CEO of DFI Forensics Inc. Read more

Follow the money when hunting online trademark violators

Counterfeiters and trademark violators thrive in the vast world of online marketplaces, says Jim Downs, managing director of MKD International Inc., who assists clients in researching and conducting surveillance to track down offenders. Read more

How can I protect my client’s data in the cloud?

By Erica Birstler The cloud offers an effective way to store large amounts of information, improve mobile access, reduce storage costs of paper documents, and provide scalability. Read more

FOLA invites lawyers’ suggestions for modernizing legal aid

Ontario lawyers are urged to submit their ideas, concerns and views about legal aid as the provincial government works on amending the Legal Aid Services Act, says Katie Robinette, executive director of the Federation of Ontario Law Associations (FOLA). Read more

Special training gives investigators edge in fraud detection

When it comes to accounting, the numbers never lie, but you have to know what you’re looking for, says Toronto forensic accountant and investigator Dave Oswald. Read more