Paralegals hold successful event to discuss contents of report

The general consensus between the Paralegal Society of Ontario (PSO) and the Licensed Paralegals Association (LPA) is “there’s a need for major changes within the scope of the paralegal practice,” says Toronto paralegal Marian Lippa.

The organizations met Thursday to discuss a report they prepared for the Attorney General of Ontario in response to a five-year progress review on the implementation of paralegal regulation.  Read PSO and LPA Submission

“The two organizations got together to discuss our response to the five-year paralegal review and it was very successful,” Lippa says.

The Law Society Act sets out statutory requirements for the review, completed by the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC), which highlighted the effect on the public and on the profession after five years of regulation. The LSUC was invited to Thursday’s event, but a representative was not in attendance.

The review process invites reply submissions from stakeholders, which is why the two organizations submitted a report containing data gleaned from polling key players concerning their experiences after five years of regulation.

Lippa’s fight for respect in the profession is ongoing. She filed an application to overturn a Justice of the Peace’s decision banning paralegals from sitting past the bar, which is scheduled to be heard Oct. 26.  Read Prior Story

Lippa launched the Certiorari application in Newmarket Superior Court to overturn JP G.M.K. Forrest’s decision on the ban and for requiring paralegals be called in accordance with the Barrister’s Act to handle criminal matters.

Lippa says she is bringing the application on behalf of all of Ontario’s paralegals.

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