Intellectual Property

Register your trademarks – there’s never been a better time

By John Simpson . There’s never been a better time than now to register your trademarks, like the name of your business, your logo or the brand names for your products or services. In Canada, registering a trademark means getting it listed on the Register of Trade-marks in the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. Read More at Shift Law Blog Read more

Proposed exception adds very little to fair dealing

The federal government's recent proposal to amend the Copyright Act to add political advertising to the existing categories of “fair dealing" would be somewhat redundant, Toronto IP lawyer John Simpson writes in Lawyers Weekly . Read more

Simpson discusses changes to Trademarks Act

Canada's amended Trademarks Act is expected to come into force by the end of the year, and with it comes major changes, Toronto IP lawyer and registered trademark agent John Simpson tells The Practice. Read more

Veteran's patent infringement case may go to trial

A Canadian Forces veteran may have his patent infringement case heard at trial, following the Federal Court’s order on a motion for summary judgment brought forward by the Canadian government, says Toronto IP lawyer John Simpson. Read more

Monkey selfie exposes broader IP issues

The recent copyright dispute over the “monkey selfie” illustrates that as intellectual property rights unfold, novel issues will continue to arise faster than legislators’ ability to develop policy and implement laws, says Toronto business lawyer Bill Northcote. Read more

U.S. disclosure principle could prove useful for Canadian firms

Although courts have been reluctant to enforce non-compete clauses in Canada, a similar principle used south of the bord... Read more

Networks win TV-streaming battle, but debate continues

The U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling against an online TV streaming service is a win for the big networks, but could s... Read more

Tangerine case shows value of registering trademarks

A small financial service company’s battle against Scotiabank over its use of the Tangerine name highlights the importan... Read more

PR concerns will limit private information disclosure

Although a set of proposed legislative changes are set to broaden the ability of Internet service providers to disclose... Read more

Act creates 'Wild West' scenario for information sharing

Rather than just encouraging good faith protection of copyright, a provision contained in the proposed new Digital Privacy Act may facilitate “shakedown efforts” by copyright trolls, Toronto IP lawyer John Simpson tells National magazine. Read more

Fisher to captain Basman Smith team in pro-am fundraiser

Toronto lawyer Kevin Fisher will once again captain the... Read more

Ruling an example of courts favouring well-known brands

The Federal Court of Canada’s recent move to allow Harley-Davidson to continue to... Read more