Intellectual Property

Stronger action needs to be taken against VPNs, proxy services

News that Netflix Inc. is promising to renew efforts to thwart subscribers who mask their locations in order to access content not available in their home country appears to be little more than lip service, says Toronto litigator Kevin Fisher . Read more

Kulish to discuss humanitarian crisis in Ukraine

Toronto lawyer Taras Kulish will speak about the ‘ Helping Hand for Ukraine ’ project at an upcoming human rights conference, hosted by Highway Liberty. Read more

Responding to online brand and reputation attacks

By John Simpson . Online threats to commercial reputations are on the rise. These include “attack sites,” “gripe sites” (e.g. RipOff Report,) cyber-libel via social media, domain name high-jacking, meta tag high-jacking and defamatory email campaigns. Online brand and reputation attacks are easy and inexpensive to wage and they can be devastatingly effective. Read more

Top courts threaten feds with legal action over new IT rules

OTTAWA — Newly released documents show the country's highest court is ready to launch a legal battle with the federal government over new IT rules which the Supreme Court of Canada fears would threaten its independence. Read more

Architects, designers should be aware of IP rights

Architects, engineers and other design professionals are protected by relevant trademark and copyright laws in Canada, and must take care to register and enforce these rights, Toronto intellectual property lawyer Taras Kulish writes in the Winter 2015 edition of info Suisse , a publication of the Swiss Canadian Chambers of Commerce of Ontario and Quebec. Read more

Charities must be vigilant to protect their brand

The recent action in which the Canada Revenue Agency sought to deregister a charity over mixing of personal and corporate funds is a clear example to all charities to act quickly to protect their brand, says Toronto lawyer Taras Kulish . Read more

McDonald's vigilant in enforcing trademark rights

Unauthorized use of McDonald’s “Mc” trademark can depreciate the value of the goodwill in McDonald’s registered marks, Toronto intellectual property lawyer John Simpson tells Global News . Read more

Fall CPD event to discuss judicial reform, Ukraine-Canada free trade

On Nov. 17, the Ukrainian Canadian Bar Association (UCBA) will hold its fall CPD event in Toronto, featuring presentations from expert speakers on topics such as judicial reform and free trade, says Toronto lawyer Taras Kulish , member of the UCBA executive. Read more

Chocolate and trademarks: a battle royal

By Taras Kulish . When I lived for three years on the shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland with my family from 2011 to 2014, our favourite pastime was visiting the Cailler chocolate factory with out-of-town guests. My love of Swiss chocolate, coupled with my fascination for intellectual property law, has inspired me to take a closer look at trademark disputes involving chocolate. Read more

Activists call on Trudeau to defend Canada's copyright regime from TPP changes

TORONTO — Copyright activists say Canadians could face lawsuits, fines or worse for ripping the latest Justin Bieber CD or uploading an animated GIF of Jose Bautista's bat-flip under a new trade deal, and they're calling on the newly elected Justin Trudeau to act. Read more

B.C. victims of attack website get injunctive relief

A recent decision from the British Columbia Supreme Court is a positive development for victims of attack websites, writes Toronto intellectual property and new media lawyer John Simpson in Lawyers Weekly . Read more

Due diligence key when bringing s. 45 application

Toronto intellectual property lawyer Taras Kulish says when faced with two confusing or similar trademarks, due diligence and preliminary searching goes a long way. Read more

Quebec's language rules to supplement Best Buy decision

Although major retailers won a court battle in April allowing them to keep their English names in Quebec, news that the government will “tighten” the Charter of the French Language by implementing new regulations will require retailers to add a French descriptor to English trademarks, says Toronto intellectual property lawyer Taras Kulish . Read more

Buzz around Harry Potter-themed bar could trigger IP issues

Toronto intellectual property lawyer John Simpson says the media buzz surrounding a local Harry Potter-influenced bar could potentially cause trademark and copyright woes for the bar's owners. Read more

Court clears way for trial in copyright suit over dancing baby video

SAN FRANCISCO — A federal appeals court Monday cleared the way for a trial in a copyright lawsuit over a YouTube video showing a baby dancing to the Prince song "Let's Go Crazy.'' Read more