Intellectual Property

Victory for U.S. TV-streaming site

“Aereo, an Internet-based personal steaming TV service, won a huge victory in the New York Federal Court of Appeals, which upheld an earlier decision refusing an injunction request brought by 17 TV stations which sought to block the service almost as soon as it launched a year ago,” says Fisher, litigation partner with Basman Smith LLP. Read more

Protecting fact-based works remains a murky area of law

Uncertainty remains over the scope of copyright protection of “fact-based works,” such as d... Read more

Copyright Alert System given new life

It has been reported that the Copyright Alert System (CAS), thought to be DOA, has been given new life and is reported to be in use by at least one participating ISP in the US, with others reported to be implementing the system in the coming days and weeks. Read The Daily Dot ... Read WebProNews Read more

Understanding the value of IP for small businesses

Every small business owns intellectual property, Toronto IP... Read more

Updated copyright law welcomed

Updated copyright law is finally enacted in Canada, and while changes were desperately need... Read more

Case an authority on domain name passing off

Dentec Safety Specialists Inc. v. Degil Safety Products (1989) Inc. [2012] O.J. 3840 is the latest Canadian authority to consider when the use of a domain name exclusively for “redirect” purposes will constitute passing off, writes Simpson, noting it almost certainly becomes the leading authority, among very few, on “the tort of domain name passing off” in Canada. Read more

Trade secret theft has dramatically increased

Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in trade secret theft and misappropriation of confidential business information throughout North America, writes Toronto intellectual property and trademark lawyer John Simpson in a recent employment law firm newsletter. Read Whitten & Lublin Newsletter Read more

Keep secret information a secret

If information is confidential, a business owner must identify it that way, says intellectual property and trademark lawyer John Simpson. Read more

Plain cigarette packaging would play out differently in Canada

If Canada follows in the footsteps of Australia by attempting to strip branding from cigarette packages, intellectual property and trademark lawyer John Simpson sees the legal issues unfolding differently in this country. Read more

The importance of protecting confidential business information

While many people commonly associate patents, copyright and trade-marks with intellectual property, confidential business information (CBI) can sometimes be overlooked, says Toronto lawyer John Simpson of Shift Law . Read more

Protecting a small business' most valuable asset - IP

Just like locking the doors when leaving the office at the end of the day, there are some safeguards small business owners should consider to protect their company’s intellectual property, and its value, says Toronto lawyer John Simpson of Shift Law. Read more

Small businesses need to protect their IP

Intellectual property is a valuable asset for every small business, whether it’s a tr... Read more

How the rapid rise of social media affects IP

Toronto intellectual property lawyer John Simpson is on tap on May 12 at the Law Tech Camp at U of T for a session exploring how the rapid growth of social media is challenging traditional conceptions of IP and the ability of companies to protect their IP and control its use in this relatively new frontier. Read more