Intellectual Property

Doubt cast over 'copyright trolling' as business model

In a recent decision that ordered an Internet service provider to disclose the names of its customers to a film production company, the Federal Court of Canada had to strike a balance between the rights of copyright holders in digital content, the privacy interests of individuals and the integrity of the judicial process, Toronto IP lawyer John Simpson writes in Lawyers Weekly. Read more

Rights holders closely watching online TV streaming fight

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Fisher to discuss piracy, digital distribution

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Trademark decision positive for branding cases

A recent trademark decision may prompt lawyers to encourage clients to push product placement in movies and TV shows, To... Read more

Risks outweigh benefits for generic trademarks

For some companies, there may be benefits to owning a “generic trademark” – a brand name also used to identify the goods... Read more

Registrants not necessarily domain name owners, says court

In a summary judgment that carries important lessons for small businesses, the Ontario Superior Court recently confirmed... Read more

Check trademark database or lawsuit may follow

A ‘David vs. Goliath’ battle that recently played out over a bicycle-related name shows the importance of doing your res... Read more

Automaker protecting its logo from use by Ford

Ford Motor Co. has said it will protect its script and oval logo from being used by supporters of Toronto M... Read more

Decision raises issue of idea, expression in conceptual artwork

A recent Ontario Superior Court of Justice decision dismissing a Toronto artist’s copyright infringement cl... Read more

Case helps define line between aggregating and copying content

A recent U.S. court ruling in favour of a major news agency in a copyright lawsuit has helped to draw the line between a... Read more

Lawsuit targets illegal downloaders

A lawsuit targeting individuals who illegally download copyrighted content in Canada is likely to cost more to litigate... Read more

Online marketing valuable tool for sole practitioner

Making the leap from a large law firm to becoming a sole practitioner is a liberating move that comes with pros and cons... Read more

Case highlights value of 'terms of use'

Ownership of user-generated online content remains a hot topic – with the ‘terms of use’ issue in particular being watched closely by social media followers, Toronto intellectual property and trademark lawyer John Simpson writes in Lawyers Weekly. Read Lawyers Weekly Read more