Information Technology

Canadian case provides valuable lessons for crypto users

While cryptocurrency exchanges may not be the Wild West they once were, consumers are still advised to venture carefully into online currency territory, says London, Ont. cybersecurity lawyer Peter Dillon. Read more

INQ Data Law addressing cutting-edge issues

INQ Data Law, one of Toronto's newest additions, is bringing something unique to law — a focus on data and artificial intelligence, firm partners Mary Jane Dykeman and Carole Piovesan tell Read more

E-signatures legally equivalent to handwritten ones

By Peter Dillon for . As technology becomes more entrenched in the legal world, there’s been a shift in Ontario towards using electronic signatures (e-signatures). Read more

Murphy to speak at upcoming business law conference

Toronto technology and business lawyer Peter Murphy will discuss data privacy at CPDOnline’s 3rd Annual Conference on Business Law & Legal Issues Facing Finance Professionals to be held in Toronto on June 11. Read more

Government suspends CASL private right of action, but fines can still be issued

By Peter Murphy . On June 7, the federal government announced that it is suspending the implementation of the private right of action under Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL). The move was in response to concerns raised by Canadian businesses, charities and the not-for-profit sector. Read more

Promoting marijuana under the proposed Cannabis Act

By Peter Murphy . It's rare for an entirely new market to open for business in Canada. So it's no surprise the government's plan for legalizing recreational cannabis has created a rush of businesses positioning themselves to claim a piece of this new, lucrative market. Read more

Cyber security is everybody’s business

Business leaders may fail to uphold their legal responsibilities if they don't take reasonable steps to prepare their companies for cyberattacks and information security breaches, says Toronto technology and business lawyer Peter Murphy , who has acted as counsel on some of Canada’s most notorious privacy breaches. Read more

Watch out for anti-spam law when marketing on social media

Businesses should ensure their online marketing activities comply with Canada's Anti-Spam Law ( CASL ), says Toronto technology and business lawyer Peter Murphy. Read more

Business case is critical for new tech legal investments

Toronto technology and business lawyer Peter Murphy admits many law firms could benefit from new information technologies, but he doesn’t advise them to rush into projects without aligning them to the firm's objectives through a solid business case. Read more

Companies must directly notify people affected by privacy breaches: watchdog

OTTAWA – Companies that lose personal customer data should be required to directly notify affected people — with limited exceptions — about the nature and date of the lapse along with steps taken to reduce the harm, says the federal privacy watchdog. Read more

Old or forgotten emails increasingly pivotal in civil, criminal cases

Long-forgotten emails are growing in importance in civil as well as criminal matters, according to Toronto technology and business lawyer Peter Murphy . Read more

Failure to plan for your digital assets can have consequences

News that Apple demanded a Victoria widow obtain a court order in order to retrieve her dead husband's password is a good reminder to consider your digital assets when preparing or reviewing your estate plan, says Toronto trusts and estates lawyer Suzana Popovic-Montag . Read more

Email unsubscribe functions must be CASL compliant

News that Rogers Media Inc. was fined $200,000 by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is a warning that companies doing business in Canada must ensure email unsubscribe mechanisms are compliant with anti-spam legislation, says Toronto technology and business lawyer Peter Murphy. Read more

Have a breach response plan in place prior to new rules

Private sector organizations in Ontario should become familiar with the new mandatory breach-reporting requirements of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), says business lawyer Joel Berkovitz . Read more

Ashley Madison facing multiple class-action suits

News that Ashley Madison is facing a national class-action lawsuit in Canada — and at least four others in the United States — highlights that businesses that operate online have to be very careful about security, says Toronto commercial litigation and class-action lawyer Brian Radnoff . Read more