Andrew Carvajal recognized for work as Colombian professional

Toronto immigration lawyer Andrew Carvajal is recognized for his work as a Colombian professional in the July 2016 edition of Latinos magazine. Read more

Difficult to prove 'undue hardship' when denying services

For those delivering services to the public in Ontario, it is very difficult to justify picking and choosing clients unless you can prove undue hardship under the provincial Human Rights Code — and religious views are not one of the criteria, explains Toronto immigration lawyer Andrew Carvajal. Read more

Express Entry positive for some applicants, penalizes others

While recent changes to the intake system for federal applications from professionals wishing to immigrate as permanent residents has benefited applicants in a number of occupations, it has also penalized many talented individuals and employers, Toronto immigration lawyer Andrew Carvajal writes in Lawyers Weekly. “Prior to Express Entry, applications were subject to a first-come, first-served intake system, constrained by application quotas and lists of eligible professions. On Jan. 1, 2015, this was replaced by an online system where eligible individuals are ranked based on their age, education, English/French skills and work experience. They then compete against each other for an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence,” explains Carvajal, a partner with Desloges Law Group. Read more

Proposed act to bring oversight, accountability to CBSA

Toronto immigration lawyer Robin Seligman says she supports independent oversight of Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and wonders if a new private member’s bill will go far enough to bring transparency and accountability to the agency. Read more

Citizenships being granted without all checks being carried out: auditor

In an interview with , Toronto immigration lawyer Andrew Carvajal says it is upsetting to learn that an audit of this magnitude concluded that the government is not adequately preventing fraud in gaining the right to such a privileged status as citizenship. Read more

Federal government delivers on its immigration promises

The new federal government has steered immigration law in a different direction during its first six months in charge, writes Toronto immigration lawyer Andrew Carvajal in the April 2016 edition of Latinos magazine. Read more

Carvajal to discuss immigration program updates

Toronto immigration lawyer Andrew Carvajal will share his thoughts on recent updates to several immigration programs at an upcoming session hosted by the Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood Centre. Read more

Angela Princewill lifts the legal burden from her family law, immigration clients

Nigerian-born lawyer Angela Princewill was called to the Ontario bar just hours before giving birth to twins, she tells Read more

Positivity tops fear when training associates

Law can be a stressful occupation, but autonomy, trust and positive feedback tend to be better learning tools for associates and staff than fear and micromanagement, Toronto immigration lawyer Andrew Carvajal tells Lawyers Weekly . Read more

Liberal immigration plan positive, but reduces Economic Class

The Liberal government’s recent announcement that it will admit between 280,000 and 305,000 new permanent residents in 2016 is generally positive but shrinking Economic Class numbers are problematic, Toronto immigration lawyer Robin Seligman tells . Read more

Liberals seek to repeal Tory changes on gaining, losing citizenship

OTTAWA — The federal Liberals are getting started on repealing some of the previous government's sweeping — and controversial — changes to how people get or lose Canadian citizenship. Read more

Children of Canadian ISIS brides entitled to citizenship

The so-called "caliphate cubs" — children of Canadian women who have given birth to children of ISIS fighters — are entitled to Canadian citizenship and the women could legally return to Canada, Toronto immigration lawyer Andrew Carvajal tells CTV News . Read more

Dowry dispute shows importance of articulating culture in family law

A case involving a dowry dispute after a divorce serves as a lesson to the legal community to document the intent of premarital loans and gifts in writing, says Pickering family and immigration lawyer Angela Princewill. Read more

IRCC email guidelines are a good first step

New email guidelines for immigration officials are a positive step, but must be backed up in practice to stamp out communication issues with applicants, says Toronto immigration lawyer Andrew Carvajal . Read more

Parent sponsorship program ‘unfair': Princewill

A federal immigration program meant to bring parents and grandparents of newcomers to Canada is slow and “unfair,” Pickering family and immigration lawyer Angela Princewill tells the Toronto Star . Read more