New immigration lottery process causes problems, confusion

A new lottery process that allows individuals to apply to win a spot to bring their parents or grandparents to Canada is “fraught with problems," including some confusion over who is eligible to sponsor whom, Toronto immigration lawyer Matthew Jeffery tells CBC News. Read more

Lottery system for parent, grandparent reunification 'unfair'

The federal government's new lottery for parent and grandparent sponsorship has made a bad situation worse, says Toronto immigration lawyer Matthew Jeffery. Read more

Extra points for Francophones after Express Entry changes

A fresh round of Express Entry changes could help push borderline candidates over the top in their quest for Canadian permanent residence, says Toronto immigration lawyer Andrew Carvajal. Read more

CBSA's immigration detention reform welcomed

The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) must follow through on a promise to change its immigration detention policies, says Toronto immigration lawyer Robin Seligman. Read more

Global Talent Stream equals fast track work permit application

By Angela Princewill . The processing time of many Canadian work permits is set to be dramatically cut by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) with the introduction of its ‘Global Talent Stream.’ Launching on June 12, 2017, this fast-track application stream will see IRCC process many temporary work permits within two weeks, down from the current processing period of up to six months. Read more

Express Entry penalizes potential immigrants in their 30s

The federal government’s immigration points system undervalues candidates in their 30s, says Toronto immigration lawyer Robin Seligman. Read more

Pilot program aims to keep immigrants in the Maritimes

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot is a great opportunity for both employers and prospective immigrants to Canada, says Toronto immigration lawyer Robin Seligman. Read more

Carvajal to present at immigration expo in Mexico

Toronto immigration lawyer Andrew Carvajal will participate in an upcoming expo in Mexico, aimed at providing information about opportunities to study, work or invest in Canada. Read more

Border electronic device search a possibility for all travellers

Anyone could be subject to a search of their mobile device at the border — and while it is best to answer agents’ questions truthfully in these situations, travellers shouldn’t say more than what’s needed, Toronto immigration lawyer Matthew Jeffery says in The Globe and Mail . Read more

Law and practice on asylum issue 'different story'

Although there are hopes that the Canadian government will consider withdrawing from the Safe Third Country Agreement , until that happens, counsel have to tell asylum-seekers in the United States that they can’t really come into Canada, Toronto immigration lawyer Matthew Jeffery tells The Huffington Post. Read more

Childrens’ March Break travel to Canada

By Angela Princewill . With the March school holidays only five weeks away, parents are starting to turn their minds to travel plans that fill this week for many children. While this obviously involves Canadian children traveling abroad to visit family, it also sees overseas-based children entering Canada to spend time with a parent and siblings/step-siblings residing here. Read more

Changes to spousal sponsorship – 2017

By Angela Princewill . In mid-December, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) released a suite of changes to its spousal sponsorship application process. This is aimed at streamlining and simplifying these applications, with IRCC expecting processing times for spousal sponsorship to fall from up to 26 months currently to 12 months. This new 12-month processing standard will apply to 80 per cent of new and existing applications. This amounts to some 64,000 applicants who are expected to benefit from this significantly improved processing time in 2017. Read more

More power to U.S. border guards in Canada concerns Seligman

A bill that would boost the powers of U.S. border officers stationed in this country should worry Canadian travellers, says Toronto immigration lawyer Robin Seligman. Read more

French-speaking skilled workers get an Express Entry boost in Ontario

Ontario’s French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream represents an excellent opportunity for bilingual immigrants to apply for permanent residence under the Express Entry system, says Toronto immigration lawyer Robin Seligman. Read more

Canadian protesters decry Trump's U.S. travel ban; urge Trudeau action

TORONTO — Hundreds of protesters gathered peacefully outside a shut-down U.S. consulate in Toronto on Monday to denounce an American entry ban on people from seven predominantly Muslim countries, and to urge action from the Liberal government. Read more