Black market money 'the norm' for Venezuelan students abroad

After conversions from Venezuela’s Bolívar fuerte into other currencies through the state-run currency exchange commission were severely restricted a year ago, most Venezuelan students abroad are now "paying out of pocket" for black market dollars, Toronto immigration lawyer Andrew Carvajal tells Read more

Course explores ethical issues facing immigration practitioners

Toronto immigration lawyer Andrew Carvajal recently wrapped up another successful session as an instructor in the Immigration Consultant program at Herzing College, where he shared his expertise on ethics within the profession. Read more

TFWP and IMP changes raise the risks to employers

New rules for the Temporary Foreign Workers Program (TFWP) and the International Mobility Program (IMP) raise both the complexity and the spectre of massive fines for non-compliance, says Toronto immigration lawyer Robin Seligman . Read more

Desloges Law Group to offer immigration seminars in Colombia

Toronto immigration lawyer Andrew Carvajal will participate in an expo in Colombia this month aimed at providing information on opportunities to work or live permanently in Canada. Read more

New rules around foreign caregivers concerning

The effective cancellation of the federal Live-in Caregiver Program makes it more time consuming and less appealing for foreign caregivers to come to Canada, says Toronto immigration lawyer Robin Seligman . Read more

Conservative reaction to refugee crisis appears insincere: Seligman

Toronto immigration lawyer Robin Seligman says the federal government’s reaction thus far to the Syrian refugee crisis appears to be strictly political. Read more

Civil rights groups launch constitutional challenge against Bill C-24

TORONTO — A new law that gives the federal government the power to revoke Canadian citizenship for certain dual nationals undermines the country's identity and violates its Constitution, a coalition of civil rights groups said Thursday. Read more

Report provides details behind recent economic immigration applications

The federal government’s six-month report since it changed the intake process for permanent residence applications under economic programs is a wealth of data and underlines why prospective Canadians should seek experienced counsel, says Toronto immigration lawyer Andrew Carvajal . Read more

Accuracy key to navigating Express Entry successfully

For experienced foreign professionals seeking permanent residency in Canada, the new Express Entry program will mean faster processing times, as long as applicants keep several best practices in mind, says Toronto immigration lawyer Andrew Carvajal . Read more

Desloges Law Group celebrates five years with Toronto boat cruise

Boutique immigration law firm Desloges Law Group will celebrate its fifth anniversary this week with a boat cruise around the Toronto harbour. Read more

Canadian Border Services Agency lacks oversight body

Toronto immigration and refugee lawyer Andrew Carvajal says the lack of an independent oversight body for the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) has become even more salient as the agency has been granted greater powers under Bill C-51. Read more

Last remaining Citizenship Act reforms come into force

Toronto immigration lawyer Andrew Carvajal details some of the recent changes to the Citizenship Act in the July 2015 issue of Latinos magazine. Read more