Mental capacity key to treatment decisions

A recent court ruling that allowed a hospital to force feed a woman with anorexia highlights the necessity of having a clear mental state when making personal health-care decisions, says Toronto health lawyer Elyse Sunshine. Read more

Recruiting non-licensed MDs to non-medical positions

By Kate Dewhirst . Not everyone who trains as a physician practices medicine or continues to practice medicine. Some choose to work in a hospital environment but not as a physician such as in administration, research, information technology, finance, risk, law, policy, public relations, or interdisciplinary professional practice. Medical training can be an enormous advantage for a candidate applying to a non-medical role in a hospital. Read more

Privacy and security stakes high in cannabis arena

The clock is ticking for licensed producers of cannabis to get their privacy and security measures in order ahead of the drug’s legalization for recreational use, Toronto health lawyer Mary Jane Dykeman tells Read more

Educating your procurement team

By Michael Gleeson . One good way to help your organization avoid claims related to a procurement process is to provide some simple training to your staff members who will be participating in the procurement process. In many cases, your internal evaluation team will include individuals for whom procurement is not an everyday part of their jobs. These staff members will likely be unaware of the basic principles, rules, and processes with which your organization must carry out its procurement activities. Read more

Dewhirst: building resilience for lawyers

Lawyers often feel pressure to be superhuman. It’s why their stress levels are through the roof, and why they need a new superpower — resilience, says Toronto health lawyer and coach Kate Dewhirst. Read more

Aging Boomers, dementia, and sexuality a potent mix: Dykeman

As the Baby Boomer cohort slides into their golden years there are myriad legal issues that arise, including dealing with dementia and sexual behaviour says Toronto health lawyer Mary Jane Dykeman. Read more

Four lessons I learned as an undercover patient

By Kate Dewhirst . Ok. I wasn’t really undercover. But I was a patient. Read more

Dabbling in narcotics prescribing, treating family member dangerous for physicians

A family doctor’s four-month suspension shows the danger of dabbling in narcotics prescribing and treating family members, Toronto health lawyer Lonny Rosen tells Read more

Procurement team education boosts compliance, lowers risk in healthcare sector

A little bit of education can go a long way for procurement teams in the healthcare sector, Toronto health lawyer Michael Gleeson tells Read more

What happens if departing employees have health records at home?

By Kate Dewhirst . Decision 69 of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario was recently released. Read more

Organizations have a duty to keep personal health information secure

Encryption is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to securing the personal health information of patients, Toronto health lawyer Mary Jane Dykeman tells CBC News . Read more

Expert guidance helps keep public procurements on track

It is important for public organizations to rely on experts who understand the legal implications of third parties procuring goods and services to make sure the agreements comply with the spider web of relevant legislation and trade agreements, says Toronto health lawyer Michael Gleeson. Read more

Triage your work issues like client cases: Dewhirst

While lawyers are trained to advocate for their clients, they often fail to do it for themselves, says Toronto legal coach and health care lawyer Kate Dewhirst. Read more

Conducting supplier debriefings — is your organization consistent?

By Michael Gleeson . The Broader Public Sector Procurement Directive entitles unsuccessful proponents participating in a procurement valued at $100,000 or more to a supplier debriefing. A debriefing is an opportunity for a proponent to: Read more

Further clarity on meaning of controlled act of psychotherapy

By Lonny Rosen and Elyse Sunshine . The controlled act of psychotherapy was proclaimed in force on Dec. 31, 2017. Read more