Reasonable for psychiatrist to decline patient’s request

By Elyse Sunshine and Lonny Rosen . A patient complained about the conduct of a psychiatrist, stating that the psychiatrist wrote false information in the patient’s medical records, but would not amend it. The patient also complained that the psychiatrist breached her confidentiality by providing these records to her family doctor. Read more

Appeal court: doctors have to give referrals for services they oppose

TORONTO — Ontario’s highest court ruled Wednesday that doctors in the province must give referrals for medical services that clash with their religious beliefs, calling it a compromise that balances the rights of physicians and the interests of patients. Read more

What is a ‘bad faith’ request for access to health records?

By Kate Dewhirst . In a new health privacy decision of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, we find out what needs to be proven to show a patient is making a request for access to health records in “bad faith.” Read more

Dentists have discretion to implement cancellation, late arrival policies

By Lonny Rosen and Elyse Sunshine . A patient complained about the conduct of his dentist, stating that the dentist’s cancellation policy and possible refusal to provide treatment violated the patient’s human rights. The patient also stated that the dentist’s receptionist was abusive and uncooperative. Read more

What happens if you lose a patient record?

By Kate Dewhirst . The Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario has issued a new health privacy Decision 86 . A woman contacted a hospital to have access to her deceased son’s health records. The hospital provided part of the record but notified the requester that part of the paper record was missing. Read more

New rules should spark procurement practice review: Gleeson

Ontario hospitals and other broader public service organizations should review their procurement practices to make sure they comply with significant new rules announced by the provincial government, Toronto health lawyer Michael Gleeson tells Read more

What is a review at the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board?

By Elyse Sunshine and Lonny Rosen . The Health Professions Appeal and Review Board (the Board) is an independent adjudicative agency that, on request, reviews decisions made by the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee (the Committee) of the various regulated health professional colleges in Ontario after a patient makes a complaint. Read more

Ruling brings clarity to sharing health-care providers' names

The default position of health-care organizations should be to share service providers’ full names to patients on request, Toronto health lawyer Kate Dewhirst tells Read more

Corrente to speak at forum on campus sexual violence

Toronto employment and health lawyer Lisa Corrente will share her insights on investigating complaints of sexual violence at an upcoming Osgoode Professional Development forum. Read more

Use proper channels when patient information requested: Rosen

Health-care providers should take care when sharing a patient’s medical information with law enforcement, Toronto health lawyer Lonny Rosen tells Read more

Six vital steps for health-care professionals facing complaints

Health-care professionals should consult legal counsel after a complaint has been filed against them, and deal with the matter expediently and with integrity, says Toronto health lawyer Brooke Shekter . Read more

Children have a right to decide own medical treatment

There is no age of majority when it comes to health-care decisions in Ontario and most of Canada, Toronto health lawyer Elyse Sunshine tells Read more

Discipline committees can appoint counsel to assist in certain cases

Self-represented parties are a fact of life for most regulatory tribunals, but there are circumstances where legal counsel can be appointed to assist, to the benefit of everyone involved, Toronto health lawyer Lonny Rosen tells Read more

Lawyer friends — it’s time to get out of your comfort zone

By Kate Dewhirst . I went to the Funnel Hacking Live event in Nashville, TN recently. It’s a marketing event sponsored by Click Funnels. I follow co-founder Russell Brunson on social media and loved his books Dot Com Secrets and Expert Secrets . So on a whim, I went to the live event. Read more

Corrente to co-moderate CBA panel on ageism in health care

Toronto health lawyer Lisa Corrente will co-moderate a panel on age discrimination in health-care settings at the upcoming Canadian Bar Association National Health Law Summit. Read more