Talking conflict on an FHT board

By Kate Dewhirst . Family health teams are interesting creations. What are they? Multi-disciplinary teams providing primary care services to communities across Ontario. Read more

Communication, conflict concerns for independent health assessors

By Lonny Rosen & Elyse Sunshine . A recent matter before the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board (the Board) exemplifies the importance of open communication and having clear reimbursement processes when patients are referred to independent health assessors by third party insurers. This decision is a reminder that independent assessors need to take steps to demonstrate impartiality and avoid conflicts of interest, in order to avoid complaints and to be in a position to respond when complaints arise. Read more

Tragic long-term care home deaths may lead to systemic change

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — A former Ontario nurse admitted Thursday to using insulin to kill eight seniors and hurt six others while the vulnerable individuals were in her care, in part because she felt angry with her career and her life's responsibilities. Read more

Rosen to discuss privilege, insights for mid-career lawyers

Toronto health lawyer Lonny Rosen will be speaking at a pair of programs for litigators in June, presented by The Advocates’ Society. Read more

‘Belligerent’ patient not an excuse for unprofessional behaviour

By Lonny Rosen & Elyse Sunshine . The Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee (ICRC) of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario required a gastroenterologist to attend at the College to be cautioned in person about his unprofessional behaviour and communication with patients, specifically for his failure to obtain consent from a patient before conducting a procedure. The doctor applied to the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board (the Board) for a review of the decision, and the Board concluded that the decision was reasonable. Read more

Hospital boards and professional staff credentialing

By Kate Dewhirst . As you may know, the Auditor General released a report criticizing the Public Hospitals Act professional staff appointment appeals process for being time-consuming and costly. Read more

Health professionals should take own notes with challenging patients

By Lonny Rosen & Elyse Sunshine . This matter before the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board (the Board) provides guidance on when a health professional should take their own notes rather than rely on the notes of a trainee or colleague. Read more

Hospital obligations around a physician's fitness to practise

Hospitals can avoid serious legal repercussions by establishing clear policies to deal with physicians whose fitness to practise is compromised by mental or physical illness, says Toronto health lawyer Kate Dewhirst . Read more

Failure to complete remediation program results in discipline

By Lonny Rosen and Elyse Sunshine . Health professionals should be mindful that if the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee (ICRC) of their College orders remediation, failing to work with the College and to complete a remediation program is in itself an act of professional misconduct and will result in discipline and a costs award, in addition to a requirement to complete the already ordered remediation. Read more

Three legal questions every clinician should know how to answer

By Kate Dewhirst . If you are a practicing clinician (nurse, doctor, dentist, midwife, psychologist, OT, PT, social worker etc.) there are three legal questions you should be able to answer: Read more

Physician's story of addiction a cautionary tale for health professionals

An Ontario physician's story of addiction, criminal conviction and job loss serves as a warning to health professionals that they can lose their career if they don’t seek help early, says Toronto health lawyer Elyse Sunshine . Read more

For now, all doctors required to follow assisted dying legislation

Although doctors who are morally opposed to medical assistance in dying may feel caught between the law and their rights under the Charter, they are currently required to follow the federal medical assistance in dying legislation and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) policy on "effective referral,” Toronto health lawyer Elyse Sunshine tells The Lawyer’s Daily. Read more

Michael Gleeson a new partner at DDO Health Law

Toronto health lawyer Michael Gleeson is now a partner at the boutique firm DDO Health Law. Read more

CBA Health Summit ‘premier' conference for health lawyers

The Canadian Bar Association's (CBA) Sixth Biennial National Health Law Summit offers lawyers the opportunity to learn from some of the country's key players in the field, says Toronto health lawyer Lonny Rosen , a member of its organizing committee. Read more