Youth and medical assistance in dying: the complexities

With Canadian pediatricians saying they are increasingly being asked about medical assistance in dying (MAiD) for some patients under 18, Toronto health lawyer Mary Jane Dykeman tells The Lawyer’s Daily that physicians need to be equipped with the correct information about what the current legislative scheme permits. Read more

Bill 154 suggests ONCA may finally be proclaimed

Governance improvements offered by Ontario's omnibus Bill 154 — the Cutting Unnecessary Red Tape Act — signal the province is ready to bring meaningful change for not-for-profit organizations' regulatory regime, says Toronto health lawyer Michael Gleeson. Read more

Nurse punished for Facebook post appealing fine and costs order

By Elyse Sunshine and Lonny Rosen . A nurse in Saskatchewan who is facing a $1,000 fine and a $25,000 costs order after using social media to complain about her grandfather’s care at a palliative care facility is appealing the finding of misconduct and penalty ordered in the case. Read more

Have you looked at your professional staff rules, regulations lately?

By Kate Dewhirst . Back in the 1980s and 90s, many hospitals published medical staff “rules and regulations.” And in some cases, that package then went dormant as hospital-wide policies and procedures were introduced. Read more

Medical residents: the need to address regulatory difficulties early

It's critically important for medical residents who find themselves in academic or professional difficulty to address the problem early and head-on, says Toronto health lawyer Lonny Rosen . Read more

The importance of clear mission, vision and value statements

Health-care organizations need to have clear, emotionally resonant mission, vision and value statements to guide them through their greatest challenges, says Toronto health lawyer Kate Dewhirst . Read more

What does a privacy officer do in a health care organization?

By Kate Dewhirst . I train privacy officers to understand their role. So, what does a privacy officer do for a health care organization? Read more

Health privacy, capacity key areas for family lawyers

Health privacy, capacity, regulatory issues and reporting obligations are just some of the health law issues that family lawyers will encounter in their practices, Toronto health lawyer Lonny Rosen says in an interview published in the Ontario Family Law Reporter . Read more

Review board: oral caution for problematic advertising unreasonable

By Lonny Rosen and Elyse Sunshine . In a case involving a pharmacist , the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board (the Board) recognized important mitigating factors and the very serious consequences of an oral caution and found that the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee’s decision to issue an oral caution for problematic advertising was unreasonable. Read more

Dewhirst gives back to legal profession as a coach

As both a coach and advisor for a new Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) program, Toronto health lawyer Kate Dewhirst loves the interaction with fellow lawyers and helping them meet their career goals. Read more

The rise of telemedicine and the regulatory regimes that govern it

With the growth of telemedicine, hospitals and other health-care organizations should have policies in place to outline how best to use it to ensure they meet their regulatory responsibilities, says Toronto health lawyer Michael Gleeson. Read more

Do you know how to apologize?

By Kate Dewhirst . A note popped into my inbox this morning from Michael Hyatt, who is an extraordinary business coach. The topic is “The anatomy of a true apology.” Read more

Personal health information breaches: prevention, quick responses key

By Lonny Rosen & Elyse Sunshine . Canada has several laws in place to protect individuals’ private information, including personal health data. When a person’s privacy is breached, organizations, including hospitals and other health facilities, such as doctors’ offices, should immediately take steps to respond quickly and responsibly. And in order to prevent such breaches, proper policies, procedures and personnel training should be in place. Read more

The controlled act of psychotherapy

By Lonny Rosen & Elyse Sunshine . The controlled act Read more

Health privacy update – August 2017

By Kate Dewhirst . The Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario has just released two new correction request decisions – 46 and 47 (dated June 2017 but released the last week of July). Decision 45 has not yet been released. Read more