A ‘dose of pragmatism’ from Court of Appeal: Dillon

By Peter Dillon . Ontario’s Court of Appeal released its much-anticipated decision in this case on Jan. 25, 2018. I say much-anticipated because the summary judgement decision of Justice Wendy M. Matheson of the Superior Court of Justice had thrown the proverbial wrench into the works of most franchisors. Read more

Employment-related regulation not domain of franchisors

Recent examples of individuals seeking to hold franchisors accountable for the actions of their franchisees — particularly in employment-related matters — demonstrate the increasing confusion around how the relationship actually works, Toronto franchise lawyer Joseph Adler tells . Read more

‘Canada: it’s like watching a car crash in slow motion:’ Dillon

While franchising provides an effective way to distribute goods and services, foreign businesses may be dissuaded from expanding here because of Canadian franchise legislation and the judicial interpretation of it, London, Ont. franchise lawyer Peter Dillon writes in the fall 2017 edition of Franchise Law Journal . Read more

More room for improvement following franchise law changes

Toronto franchise lawyer Joseph Adler says franchisors will be relieved by legislative amendments that allow them to enter confidentiality agreements with prospective franchisees without triggering disclosure obligations. Read more

New franchise agreements can extend right of rescission

A recent Superior Court decision suggests franchisors who ask franchisees to sign a new agreement risk extending the period in which it can be rescinded, says Toronto franchise lawyer Joseph Adler . Read more

Subjective approach to franchise rescission shut down

The Ontario Court of Appeal has killed off any hopes franchisors may have harboured for the injection of an element of subjectivity into the test for rescission of a franchise agreement, says Toronto franchise lawyer Joseph Adler. Read more

Dillon to discuss state of franchising in Canada at LSUC event

Franchise lawyer Peter Dillon will present at the upcoming Six-Minute Business Lawyer 2017 event, hosted by the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC). Read more

Uncertainty for franchisors after Raibex decision

Toronto franchise lawyer Joseph Adler says the bar is up in arms after a judge allowed the rescission of an agreement signed before the location of the proposed franchise was known. Read more

Raibex decision alters franchise landscape on presale disclosure

The disclosure obligations for franchisors expanded with a recent Ontario Superior Court of Justice ruling, and will change the way deals are struck in the province, says franchise lawyer Peter Dillon. Read more

Franchise laws a mixed blessing

British Columbia has finally jumped on the franchise legislation bandwagon, but the jury is still out on whether that’s good news for the industry, says Toronto franchise lawyer Joseph Adler. Read more

Presale disclosure for franchisors now mandatory in B.C.

Franchisors that plan to operate in British Columbia will have to ensure their presale disclosure documents comply with new provincial regulations that came into effect in February, advises franchise lawyer Peter Dillon. Read more

Franchise lawyers shouldn't lose sight of the little guy: Adler

Achieving balance is the key to a successful practice, says Toronto franchise lawyer Joseph Adler. Read more

Appeals court upholds ruling in franchise case

A recent decision from the Ontario Court of Appeal on whether the relationship between two parties constituted a franchise is raising eyebrows in the franchise community, says London franchise lawyer Peter Dillon. Read more

Franchising an increasingly high-risk venture for franchisors

Canada is frequently hyped as an idyllic place to launch a franchise business, but that’s not the case for many franchisors who face tougher obstacles than their counterparts in other countries, says London franchise lawyer Peter Dillon. Read more