D2Law to discuss electronic payments at Law Society event

Toronto lawyers Sara Cohen and Anatoly Dvorkin will discuss how to use electronic payments in a law practice at the upcoming Solo and Small Firm Conference 2015 – The Business of Law, hosted by the Law Society of Upper Canada. Read more

Quebec considers allowing women over 42 to get in vitro treatment

Quebec is proposing changes to its in vitro fertilization legislation that could allow women over 42 to have access to the program. Read more

Clarify parentage law around sperm, egg, embryo donation

As Ontario announces it will fund more in vitro fertilization procedures, it’s an important time for the province to review — and indeed to clarify — its law around the rights of sperm, egg and embryo donors, Toronto fertility lawyer Sara Cohen tells Global News . Read more

Case raises questions about frozen embryos' right to life

While the legal battle between actress Sofia Vergara and her former fiance, who is fighting to have children from the couple’s frozen embryos, raises interesting questions, it’s unlikely that a court will side with him, Toronto fertility lawyer Sara Cohen tells CTV’s etalk. WATCH VIDEO Read more

Lawsuit highlights Canada's inadequate sperm-donation system

Toronto fertility lawyer Sara Cohen says a lawsuit filed by a Port Hope couple against an American sperm bank puts the spotlight on Canada’s woefully inadequate gamete-donation system and points to the need to update legislation. Huffington Post Globe and Mail FindLaw Read more

Faith in humanity

By Sara Cohen . As part of my job, I am often meeting with women who have acted as a gestational carrier (less often a traditional surrogate), when they sign their consent to a declaration of parentage naming the intended parents as the legal parents of the child she just carried, and a declaration of non-parentage re: her parentage of this child. Twice in the past two or three weeks, I have met women who altruistically acted as gestational carriers ... and then just kept on giving. Read More at Fertility Law Canada Blog Read more

Assisted Human Reproduction Act's criminal provisions must be repealed

The Assisted Human Reproduction Act (AHRA) is in dire need of updating because a great deal of evidence suggests that it no longer “constitutes a legitimate expression of the essential justice and morality of Canadian society,” Toronto fertility lawyer Sara Cohen writes in the Canadian Journal of Women and the Law . Read more

Canada's surrogacy and fertility laws need clarity: Cohen

Canada’s law around surrogacy – and fertility legislation in general – needs clarification, Toronto fertility lawyer Sara Cohen tells the Globe and Mail . Read more

British three-parent IVF a sharp contrast to Canada's antiquated law

As Britain becomes the world’s first country to allow a three-parent IVF technique to prevent some inherited incurable diseases, Canada remains woefully behind the times when it comes to its fertility laws, says Toronto fertility lawyer Sara Cohen. Read Globe and Mail . Read more

Mexico surrogate case points to need for legal clarity in Canada

The difficulties facing a British Columbia couple who are now fighting to bring home their premature twin babies they welcomed by surrogate in Mexico is a reminder of the need for more discussion around surrogacy in Canada and urgency to clarify our laws, says Toronto fertility lawyer Sara Cohen. Read more

Three person IVF in Canada

By Sara Cohen When I was speak... Read more

U.S. sperm donor case considers 'parental role'

The case of a California court granting parental rights to a sperm donor highlights how the legal system may consider wh... Read more

Altruism may not meet blood, sperm donation needs

In a situation similar to the current blood supply shortage, Canada's fertility industry is dealing with a lack of... Read more

Cohen to give social media primer at OBA event

Toronto fertility lawyer Sara Cohen wil... Read more

Commercial surrogacy needs regulation, not criminalization

Thailand’s recent move to ban commercial surrogacy highlights the pressing need for Australia and other Western nations... Read more