How much to tell children about your divorce

Divorcing parents should tailor communication about their separation according to the age and maturity of their children, says Toronto family lawyer Usman Sadiq. Read more

First meeting with family lawyer about setting expectations

Whether it’s to initiate a separation agreement or review a marriage contract, the first meeting with legal counsel should serve as an introduction and to gather information on the matter at hand, says Toronto family lawyer and mediator Jennifer Shuber. Read more

OCA ruling reinforces arbitrators’ role: Paul

A recent Ontario Court of Appeal (OCA) decision emphasizes the unique role of an arbitrator, says Oakville mediator and arbitrator Cathryn Paul. Read more

Litigation should be the ‘last recourse’ in family matters

When a marriage falls apart, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can be an efficient way for couples to craft a separation agreement or privately resolve their matter in a manner that suits their particular circumstances, says Toronto family lawyer Jennifer Daudlin. Read more

Therapeutic orders to be encouraged in family law

Therapeutic orders should be encouraged in family law cases to help individuals recover and move on from separation, says Markham family law lawyer Andrew Feldstein. Read more

Diligent preparation by clients can cut legal costs: Tailor

To reduce billable hours in family law cases, clients need to be well prepared for meetings and respond in a timely manner to requests, says Mississauga family lawyer Deepa Tailor. Read more

Children’s welfare comes first in custody disputes: Heft

Toronto-area family lawyer Reesa Heft says it’s “paramount to consider the child’s view” when dealing with custody cases. Read more

Modernizing courts will improve access to justice: Hendrikx

Technology has infiltrated almost every aspect of modern life, but there is still much work to be done in modernizing the legal system in Ontario to better serve family law litigants, Toronto family lawyer Kathryn Hendrikx writes in a recent column for The Lawyer’s Daily. Read more

Separation agreement paves path to well-structured divorce

Couples might be tempted to skip the separation agreement when they split, but it is an essential first step towards ensuring a smooth transition to divorce proceedings, says St. Catharines family lawyer and mediator Sharon Silbert. Read more

Save time for a foreign divorce opinion letter

Ontario residents hoping to marry after a divorce abroad need to leave enough time to obtain a foreign divorce opinion letter, says Toronto family lawyer Usman Sadiq. Read more

Court grapples with child abduction across borders

By Lisa Gelman International boundaries can introduce numerous complications when child custody is an issue between parents going through separation or divorce as illustrated in this case. Read more

Determining support for an adult disabled child

By Andrew Feldstein In this case, the parties had an adult child who was born with severe cognitive and physiological disabilities and required the constant presence of a caregiver. After the parties’ separation, the child initially resided with the mother before moving to reside with the father. Two years after the move, the father sought increased child support from the mother. Read more

Seek informed divorce advice when dealing with autism issues

Child support, custody, and access issues arising in a divorce become more complicated when a child of the marriage is on the autistic spectrum, says Mississauga family lawyer Deepa Tailor. Read more

Divorced parents: kids are the priority when holiday planning

Holiday planning is essential, especially when it comes to reaching a time-sharing agreement for children after a divorce, says Toronto family lawyer and divorce recovery coach Leanne Townsend. Read more

Step-parents can be ordered to pay child support

People beginning a relationship with someone who has children should understand that they could be held liable for child support upon separation, even if the biological parent is still alive, says Fredericton family lawyer and mediator Jennifer Donovan. Read more