Save time for a foreign divorce opinion letter

Ontario residents hoping to marry after a divorce abroad need to leave enough time to obtain a foreign divorce opinion letter, says Toronto family lawyer Usman Sadiq. Read more

Court grapples with child abduction across borders

By Lisa Gelman International boundaries can introduce numerous complications when child custody is an issue between parents going through separation or divorce as illustrated in this case. Read more

Determining support for an adult disabled child

By Andrew Feldstein In this case, the parties had an adult child who was born with severe cognitive and physiological disabilities and required the constant presence of a caregiver. After the parties’ separation, the child initially resided with the mother before moving to reside with the father. Two years after the move, the father sought increased child support from the mother. Read more

Seek informed divorce advice when dealing with autism issues

Child support, custody, and access issues arising in a divorce become more complicated when a child of the marriage is on the autistic spectrum, says Mississauga family lawyer Deepa Tailor. Read more

Divorced parents: kids are the priority when holiday planning

Holiday planning is essential, especially when it comes to reaching a time-sharing agreement for children after a divorce, says Toronto family lawyer and divorce recovery coach Leanne Townsend. Read more

Step-parents can be ordered to pay child support

People beginning a relationship with someone who has children should understand that they could be held liable for child support upon separation, even if the biological parent is still alive, says Fredericton family lawyer and mediator Jennifer Donovan. Read more

Selling a home in a divorce can be tricky: Benmor

Selling a house during a divorce is not a simple matter of putting a For Sale sign in the front yard, and seeking legal advice is a sound investment in the process, says Toronto family lawyer and mediator Steven Benmor. Read more

Frequently asked questions about spousal support

By Usman Sadiq Spousal support is the payment that the higher income earning spouse makes to the lower-income earning spouse after separation or divorce. Read more

Tips to move reluctant spouse toward separation and divorce

By Andrew Feldstein After months or years of conflict, you may have arrived at the decision to divorce, while your spouse still wants to try to make your marriage work. Here are some tips to help you move your reluctant spouse towards separation and divorce. Read more

Speaking the language of family law with international clients

Knowing how Canadian law translates to other countries is essential when representing a foreign client, says Toronto family lawyer Gene C. Colman, who has taken on cases from jurisdictions around the world. Read more

OCA rules court has jurisdiction to make therapeutic orders

The Ontario Court of Appeal (OCA) has effectively resolved the raging debate over whether a child’s consent is required for a court to order therapy in cases of parental alienation, says Toronto family lawyer Gary Joseph. Read more

Court considers husband’s financial control over his wife

When spousal support and property division are being considered by the court in divorces, financial abuse must also be weighed as a factor, says Toronto family lawyer Inna Tsinman. Read more

Why do you need a separation agreement?

By Steven Benmor Many people who separate do not understand what legal steps need to be taken in order to conclude their marriage. Read more

Court refuses to set aside restraining order

By Lisa Gelman In a recent case, the court considered a father’s request to set aside a restraining order that prevented him from having access to his six-year-old son. Read more

Seek legal coaching when representing yourself in court: Khan

Defending yourself in court doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect if you get the right advice, says Oakville family lawyer and mediator Robina Khan, who coaches clients through the process. Read more