NEW Court grants mother interim sole custody of child

By Lisa Gelman An Ontario court recently considered the interesting question of whether or not it was appropriate to grant interim custody to a parent while proceedings were underway. Read more

Negotiating ‘grey’ divorce comes with unique challenges

The collaborative process can be effective when it comes to negotiating a “grey” divorce, says St. Catharines family lawyer and mediator Sharon Silbert. Read more

Divorce Act ‘not meeting needs of children’: Ludmer

The current system to decide child custody “is a complete failure,” Toronto family lawyer Brian Ludmer said during appearances before federal government hearings to amend the Divorce Act. Read more

No ‘one-size-fits-all’ in custody matters: Tremain

It’s unwise to make presumptions when it comes to deciding what’s best for a child in a custody case, says Toronto family lawyer Julia Tremain. Read more

Women’s Law Association of Ontario marks 100th anniversary

The Women’s Law Association of Ontario (WLAO) will celebrate its 100th anniversary with a gala event featuring a pair of impressive keynote speakers, says Toronto family lawyer Kathryn Hendrikx. Read more

Should you track your children electronically?

By Andrew Feldstein Electronic surveillance is easily one of the biggest changes to parenting in the last decade. Today we can watch our kids with nanny cams, track their location with GPS watches and scan through their text messages and browser histories using a variety of spyware. Read more

Judges don’t want to make parenting decisions: Simpson

Divorce is difficult for everyone in a family, but when parents can’t agree on matters related to their children, it can be beneficial to call on the services of a mediator or parenting co-ordinator, says Toronto family lawyer Erin Simpson. Read more

Seek legal advice for professor abuse of power: Tsinman

In the academic environment, a student-professor relationship can start as one of mentorship but may slip over the line into one of intimacy and manipulation, placing someone in an uncomfortable power dynamic, says Toronto family lawyer Inna Tsinman. Read more

Understanding support payments when the payor’s income is irregular

By Deepa Tailor During a marital separation (divorce), it is just normal that the parent who doesn’t have custody of the child pay a certain amount of money to the spouse and kid(s) to help support their monthly upkeep. Read more

Unbundled services an access-to-justice pathway: Hendrikx

Provision of unbundled services is reaching a critical mass as lawyers and consumers alike embrace the practice, says Toronto family lawyer Kathryn Hendrikx. Read more

Straight-talking Pop-Lazic empowers family law clients

“I’m pretty straightforward, but I think it does a disservice to clients when you’re not upfront with them about their chances of success, especially when they’re asking for something that is unrealistic,” Pop-Lazic, a lawyer with Jamal Family Law, tells Read more

Jamal's keen sense of justice informs family law advocacy

Clients can expect individually tailored service when they come to Oakville family lawyer Fareen Jamal. Read more

Child access in family law

By Usman Sadiq People often confuse the concepts of custody, access, and primary residence. Custody refers to decision-making authority when it comes to important decisions about a child’s education, health, and religion. Read more

Same approach problematic for common-law, married spouses

Equal property rights for both common-law and married spouses would remove an element of choice from couples about their relationships, says Markham family law lawyer Andrew Feldstein. Read more

What your children need to hear about your divorce

By Steven Benmor Telling your kids about how babies are born or why bad things happen to good people is hard. Telling them why you are leaving their mother or father is harder. Read more