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What you should know about powers of attorney for personal care

In the final instalment of a two-part series on powers of attorney, Toronto wills and estates lawyer Elinor Shinehoft discusses POAs for personal care. Read more

Avoid emotional family disputes by pre-arranging funeral, writing a will

A dispute between siblings over where their deceased mother’s body should be buried brings up issues around the advantages of making your funeral wishes known, Toronto-area estates litigator and mediator Charles B. Ticker tells . Read more

Does your elderly parent need help?

By Ian Hull . It’s a situation shared by many – you have a single elderly parent living alone. They’ve always been able to handle their day-to-day needs, with the occasional helping hand from family members. But something doesn’t seem right. Read more

Without a will, family often left with unintended consequences

Dying without a will may have unintended consequences on one’s family members, Toronto wills and estates lawyer Matthew Urback tells Law Times . Read more

Resealing of foreign orders appointing guardians

By David M. Smith and Yasmin M. Vinograd . In some cases, an incapable person residing outside of Canada has assets in Canada. Can a guardian appointed outside of Canada have access to the incapable’s Canadian assets? By extension, would a guardianship order made outside of Canada be recognized in Ontario? Read more

Pope to discuss estate planning for children with special needs

Ottawa disabilities and estate planning lawyer Kenneth Pope will host a webinar and Q&A session discussing estate planning for people with disabilities as well as provincial and federal benefits. Read more

Supreme Court of Canada clarifies unjust enrichment test

A ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada offers clarity on the test for unjust enrichment, <... Read more

Seek legal advice to ensure charity bequest is smooth, efficient

When leaving a bequest to a charitable organization in your will, it’s important to seek legal advice to ensure your gift is dealt with properly, Cornwall wills and estates lawyer Michele Allinotte tells . Read more

Common sense needed when dealing with POAs: Urback

While it’s important to ensure powers of attorney properly deal with a grantor’s wishes, fear of potential fraud can stymy the whole process, Toronto litigator Matthew Urback writes in the Financial Post . Read more

Body donation and the limits on testamentary wishes

There are limits to what can be done with one’s body after death, Toronto wills and estates lawyer Matthias Duensing writes in The Lawyer’s Daily . Read more

Consequences of not having a will far outweigh the cost of drafting one

Creating a will can be overwhelming — hence why many people put it off — but Toronto trusts and estates lawyer Daniel Bernstein tells his clients not to think too far ahead when completing one. Read more

Benjamin order can protect trustee if there's a missing beneficiary

When a beneficiary of an estate remains missing following reasonable searches, there are some approaches estate trustees can take to protect themselves, Toronto-area estates litigator and mediator Charles B. Ticker tells Law Times . Read more

The great estate – five ways to make it happen

By Suzana Popovic-Montag . As estate litigators, we’ve seen a lot of bad estates and bad estate situations. The good news is because we know the bad, we can advise clients on how to avoid it and make their estate a great one. No uncertainty, no delays, no conflicts, no nasty tax surprises. Read more

Managing the transition from ODSP to OAS/GIS for those with disabilities

People with disabilities may need help negotiating the tricky transition from the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) to old age benefits after age 65, Ottawa disabilities and estate planning lawyer Kenneth Pope tells Read more

Digital assets an increasingly important part of estate planning

Accounting for digital assets is becoming a bigger part of estate planning as people do more and more online, Toronto litigator Matthew Urback tells Law Times . Read more