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Keep tabs on shifts in tax law for estate planning: Aulis

When it comes to estate planning, the idea is to make sure as much of your wealth stays with your beneficiaries instead of the tax collector, so it’s vital to stay on top of changes in this area of the law, says Toronto trusts and estates lawyer Patrick Aulis. Read more

Dying without will can expose families to financial hardships

TORONTO — Dying without a will is a selfish decision that can add financial hardship to families suffering with grief, legal experts say. Read more

Preparing for estate mediation

By Ian Hull With the enactment of Rule 75.1 of the Rules of Civil Procedure, those involved in disputes relating to an estate, trust or substitute decision-making matter in Toronto, Ottawa or the County of Essex are referred to mediation unless there is a court order exempting it under Rule 75.1.04. Read more

Dispelling the myth that creating a will is unnecessary

People give up control of their estate administration when they fail to make a will, says Toronto wills and estates lawyer Mary Wahbi. Read more

It’s easier than ever to get small

By Suzana Popovic-Montag Comedian Steve Martin’s 1977 “Let’s Get Small” album foreshadows a lot of what’s been happening in our world recently. Read more

Client-first approach bolsters Black’s reputation

Whether he’s acting as counsel or mediator, Toronto wills and estates lawyer and mediator Howard Black has the same aim in mind. Read more

Top three reasons to make a will: Derfel

Few people like to confront their own mortality, but Toronto trusts and estates lawyer David Derfel says the momentary discomfort of drafting a will is worth it in the long run. Read more

Change in family situations can trigger need for new will

Families grow and change over time and when life events such as remarriage or the birth of new grandchildren occur, it might be time to revisit your will, says Toronto trusts and estates lawyer Patrick Aulis. Read more

DIY wills are a recipe for disaster: Kirsh

Do-it-yourself (DIY) will kits can end up costing more than they save in legal fees, says Toronto trust and estate litigator Felice Kirsh, who is often called upon to litigate cases where testators created their own faulty estate documents. Read more

‘Complete autonomy’ essential when drafting a will: Horst

A recent Nova Scotia Supreme Court decision upholds the legal principle that people can leave their estate to whomever they want, provided they are fulfilling their support obligations, says Toronto wills and estate lawyer Marlin Horst. Read more

Pope’s webinar explores supporting people with mental illness

Ottawa disabilities and estate planning lawyer Kenneth Pope will host a webinar and Q&A session discussing how to best support your loved one with disabilities or mental illness. Read more

‘Knowledge and approval’ will challenges tough to prove: Smith

Litigants face an uphill battle when challenging a will on the basis of the testator’s lack of knowledge and approval, says Toronto estate litigator David M. Smith. Read more

Jedlinski offers personal service to entrepreneurs

Windsor corporate lawyer John Jedlinski is in it for the long haul with his clients. Read more

Select an alternate caregiver for pets in your will

A small but growing number of pet owners express interest in making provisions for their pets in their estate plans, Toronto trusts and estates lawyer Suzana Popovic-Montag tells The Canadian Press. Read more

Squash or breakdancing at the Olympics – which would you choose?

By Ian Hull The Olympics seemed a lot simpler when Montreal hosted the summer games in 1976. Yes, there were some bizarre sports that seemed better suited to ancient Greece (hammer throw anyone?). Read more