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Five threats to a healthy estate

By Ian Hull . We need to be vigilant on a number of fronts every day – from health to financial security, to our relationships with others. But there’s another front – the estate front – that requires some vigilance as well. While the threats to your estate can be mostly hidden when you are alive and healthy, they can quickly become a reality at the time of your death. Read more

The bitcoin estate plan

By Suzana Popovic-Montag . As I write this, a single bitcoin is worth more than US$8,200. It will undoubtedly be worth a different amount by the time you read this because the value of bitcoin can change quickly and dramatically. Read more

Personal touch sets Allinotte apart

Approachability is the key to Cornwall wills and estates lawyer Michele Allinotte’s practice. Read more

No such thing as materiality in estate accounts

While materiality is an important convention in accounting and auditing relating to the significance of an amount, transaction, or discrepancy, it has no real application in estate accounts, says Avi Dahary , founder of AccounTrust. Read more

Disinherited children may have claims against estate

By Charles Ticker . Disinherited children may be entitled to share in lottery winner’s estate Read more

Align beneficiary designations to reduce litigation risk

Testators can minimize the chance of their estates ending up in litigation by aligning their beneficiary designations, Toronto trust and estate litigator Felice Kirsh tells . Read more

Don’t forget your digital property in estate planning

With the exponential rise in the value of cryptocurrency, it’s important to include this new-age asset in your estate planning, Toronto litigator Matthew Urback writes in the Financial Post . Read more

Henson Trusts have ancient roots

While Henson Trusts are approaching their 30 th birthday in Canada, their roots can be traced back centuries, Ottawa disabilities and estate planning lawyer Kenneth Pope tells . Read more

Document reasons for treating children differently in your will

Communication is key when testators want to treat children differently in the will, Winnipeg wills and estates lawyer Cynthia Hiebert-Simkin tells . Read more

Triggers to update your will: family changes

This is Part 2 of a three-part series where Toronto wills and estates lawyer Mary Wahbi talks about the life events that should trigger a review of your will. In this instalment, she explores changes in family life situations that should spur you to update your will. Read more

Crucial for business owners to give thought to succession plan

It is never too early to have a succession plan in place that ensures the continuity or smooth transfer of a business and its assets in the event of the owner’s death — especially if an individual’s family is dependent on the company’s income, Vancouver corporate lawyer Jonathan Reilly tells . Read more

Deal with digital assets in your will

Testators need to turn their minds to their digital assets just as much as their physical ones, Toronto trusts and estates lawyer Patrick J. Aulis tells . Read more

Five more reasons you need to write a will now

By Lisa Laredo . January has come and gone but we’re still going on about the New Year’s resolution that should have been at the top of the list for at least half of Canadians — to write a will. And now that it’s February, it’s time to get on it, preferably before you take that next trip (March Break plans, anyone?) Read more

Experience key for Henson Trust lawyers

Experience is the key attribute families should look for when seeking help to set up a Henson Trust, Ottawa disabilities and estate planning lawyer Kenneth Pope tells . Read more

Simplifying the search for a deceased’s life insurance policy

By Ian Hull . Beneficiary designations for life insurance policies can be an integral part of one’s estate plan. As designated policy proceeds typically pass outside of an estate, and are not subject to costly probate fees, policyholders often use these designations as a strategic method to transfer assets upon their death. Read more