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Legal guardianship and RDSPs: a primer

In the first installment of a two-part series, Ottawa disabilities and estate planning lawyer Ken Pope looks at the critical reasons parents of non-competent children should consider legal guardianship. Read more

Reasons to write a power of attorney for personal care

By Lisa Laredo . A power of attorney (POA) for personal care is a legal document that gives someone you trust the right to make medical decisions on your behalf, if and when you are no longer mentally or physically capable of making decisions on your own. Read more

How to start the estate discussion: Larson

Thunder Bay wills and estates lawyer Rene Larson says discussing estate matters with an aging family member isn’t easy, but it’s a vital conversation. Read more

Popovic-Montag to cover estate freezes at annual B’nai Brith seminar

On May 30, Toronto estates and trusts lawyer Suzana Popovic-Montag will speak at a session for lawyers and accountants hosted by B’nai Brith National Organization of Canada. Read more

Ticker to share strategies for mediating estate disputes

On May 30, Toronto-area estates litigator and mediator Charles B. Ticker will speak at a session for lawyers and accountants hosted by B’nai Brith National Organization of Canada. Read more

Follow these tips to bulletproof your will

With careful consideration during the drafting process, there are ways to make a will bulletproof, Toronto estates and trusts lawyer Ian Hull tells Read more

Rejection of probate applications confounds lawyers

A long-established practice to use primary and secondary wills is running up against some turbulence in the courts, Toronto wills and estates lawyer Mary Wahbi tells . Read more

Pot talk: coverage for medical cannabis is here

By Suzana Popovic-Montag . Unless there’s an unexpected shift or delay by our government, the Cannabis Act will make the use of cannabis for recreational purposes legal sometime this summer. Each province will have a system in place that provides for the sale of the drug. Read more

Married vs. common-law rights in estate matters

Married couples and those in common-law relationships are generally treated the same in estates matters, but there are a couple of key differences that can have a financial impact on a surviving spouse, says Toronto wills and estates lawyer Elinor Shinehoft. Read more

Be specific if you want to direct how charity spends bequest

Testators who want a say over how their funds are spent should be specific with their bequests to larger charities, Toronto trust and estate litigator Felice Kirsh tells . Read more

What you should do when ‘unexpected’ financial news is good

By Ian Hull . The financial industry is relentless in encouraging Canadians to “plan for the unexpected” – and highlighting how anything can happen. You could lose your job, become disabled, lose your home to a fire, lose a loved one – the list of possible bad news seems endless. Read more

Stay flexible – roll with those financial planning punches

By Suzana Popovic-Montag . Financial planning is a tricky business at the best of times – especially for longer-term goals like retirement and estate planning. But when the tax framework on which you’ve built your plan changes, that tricky business becomes that much harder. Read more

Billionaire's estate will not go to his family

By Charles Ticker . A recent story online found here reveals the estate plan of the billionaire founder of a furniture giant. The man (March 1926 – January 2018) founded the furniture company in 1943 in Sweden at the age of 17. At the time of his death at the age of 91, he was believed to control a global retail empire valued at US$58.7 billion. After his death, it was publicly revealed that he structured his business in a way that would ensure the survival of his company. Read more

Drafting a solid will helps ward off estate disputes

The death of a loved one is an emotional time for a family and can sometimes lead to disputes over the estate, but there are ways to draft a lawsuit-proof will to ensure that doesn’t happen, Thunder Bay wills and estates lawyer Rene Larson tells Read more

Insurance trusts control timing, use of funds upon death

An insurance trust is a good mechanism for controlling the use and timing of life insurance proceeds following the death of the insured, Toronto wills and estates lawyer Lisa Laredo tells . Read more